Wonderful New OT 8

Today I finished New OT 8.

What a level! 

I have recovered source and I am able to experience it again. 

It is wonderful to be in this OT universe. 

Once again many thanks to you, Randy. 

And my deepest thanks to you RON who laid out this path for us.  

Best, Arthur 

Outstanding Original OT VII Completion

I have just completed Original OT VII. 

It is a wonderful feeling and certainty to have regained the ability to project intention.

I know now that I have the tool to attain anything in life.  

Thank you, Randy. With your help I got the chance to do Original OT V, VI and VII!

 And RON, thank you so much for these wonderful levels!  



Great wins on Original OT V

This is a level that the Church stopped delivering by the early 80’s It consists of drills to expand the abilities of an Operating Thetan. Here are wins from a recent completion:

“I have completed Original OT V. What a wonderful level!

It is a level for the thetan. It is like a new beginning.

You cannot express it in words.

The must-have for MEST has gone.

I only feel theta, freedom, joy and contentedness.

Thank you, RON.

Thanks to you, too, Randy.

A R C,


Fantastic OT 8 Completion

This person had legendary abilities gained on OT 8

“On OT 8 you learn the truth. The truth about yourself and all dynamics.

“You experience what the 8th Dynamic really is. And you know that you will never go into the trap again.

“My space is infinite, so is my ARC.  I  a m  ARC. I am embracing all beings.

“And I have reached a very new state of ability to help and support any thetan.  And I am finding out more and more aspects of this new state and these new OT abilities.  RON, this gift you have given us is so great, so immense and cannot be described by words.  And it never ends. I am so much closer to you now. 

“Randy, again you were such a wonderful C/S and especially for this level I needed someone like you. Thank you so much.  

Love,  Ingrid”

Huge Win on False Purpose Rundown

In my very first session of this rundown, I saw my lack of confront and how it had cost me uncertainty and loss of power. 

I have cleaned up my first dynamic over the past few months which has brought me to this place in my processing and my ability to, first, see my lack of confront, and, second, have the confidence in my ethics and able to have and handle power. 

I feel no fear in being able to confront, although I realize that this is where I am now, and that as I continue processing that I will be given commands for me to confront more.  But I am very happy right now with my win. 

Having put my first dynamic in better order allowed me to assess my other dynamics which I assessed are in ethics, although, not very active.  So I am starting to create a more vibrant future for myself, although I am enjoying the bigger space I am operating in with less and very manageable randomity, few unfinished comm cycles, more clarity, more desire and certainty to postulate.  I feel I am in control of time.

And it all seems so simple to me:  Understand and apply ethics, confront and handle with the tech.

Over the years I have heard the expression, something of the sort, that the only thing that traps a thetan is his own consideration.  This now make so much sense to me.

From my completion of the Ethics course twice, Student Hat course twice, the comprehensive OEC course, my 18 years of auditing (taking my time to get it right), I am confident in my knowledge of how the universe is governed by ethics, and the truth that “the tech will go in if ethics are in.” I feel really good about having my ethics in and that I am applying the tech naturally and without thinking.  It all seems to be coming together.

I am enjoying the phenomenon of operating in a bigger space in which there is very manageable randomity*, fewer unfinished comm cycles, more clarity, more certainty. 

I used to feel a sense of urgency that I had to study/audit everyday, and I now feel very relaxed about my progress so far.  I am glad I have taken my time, and repeated courses to gain more understanding and certainty.

I am kind of glad that I still have very far to go up the Bridge and not feeling in any hurry. 

I am relaxed in the knowing that I can confront life here and no longer urgency to do or be or have or find a problem.  I know that the problem will present itself and that I will be able to confront and handle, and move on to the next one.

I have started taking care of my body and this has given me more ability to control my mind as I am not putting so much attention on my body, beating myself up over what I should eat, how much I should eat, exercise, etc.  I am motivated to take care of my body, see it as separate from me and understand that if I can just keep it humming along, then I can put my attention on life.

–Pat B.

*Randomity – The amount of predicted and unpredicted motion a person has, in ratio. He likes 50/50. (Tech Dictionary)

Super Power Completion

Super Power is a series of auditing actions developed by LRH around 1978. It is best done after OT III, and even better after OT VII. Here is a success story from a recent completion:

Here is my success story from the Super Power Rundown: 

Hubble Space Telescope image – Carina Nebula

I wanted to find my true power. 

I  f o u n d  it.  

I wanted to find it in order to be even more effective on all dynamics.

I  now  k n o w  how much I am able to contribute and – yes, I will use this knowledge,

I will use my true power on all the dynamics! 

After having done Solo NOTs and Original OT 5, 6 and 7 this rundown has been a surprise to me – I found out even much more about what I have gained on my travel up the Bridge.

And one of these wins has to do with my Eighth Dynamic. It has totally turned round my viewpoint on this. This Rundown is a very special rundown. 

Ingrid H.

Win on Just Being There

Pat has been getting auditing on the Expanded Grades, and here is one of her recent wins:

Huge win today with even more freedom to be with another effortlessly, feel no need to question, help or advise, have no opinion, just in the free state of looking and being there.

    And I know my company was much appreciated.

    I feel I may have graduated from advising myself to practice my TRs * to just having them as a part of me.

    I also got to look at my increased ability to be able to be around anyone, anytime and not need to only put myself in the company of high toned, non suppressive beings. Rather I feel I can hold my position, a naturally good, clean position with no effort around anyone. Even the word “hold” connotes some degree of effort which I did not experience, rather just being suspended in space and fully there.

    And today I felt the freedom of achieving a greater knowingness of who I am.

I experienced the freedom of “not thinking” but just “being,” and not being something or someone by intention, but just being with the ease of knowing who I am.  I have more freedom from needing to be a superficial identity, a business person, a mother, a friend.  Rather, I am comfortable with my ability to handle these positions but do not need to be them. 

I thank Randy for his wisdom and guidance  and professional experience in knowing what tech to apply and when and how to do so.

Pat B.

  • TRs Training Routines – a series of precise actions to train a student to confront and to communicate comfortably and effectively.

Getting Out of My Head – by Ian


The Introspection Rundown has been life changing. Despite all the rumors, negativity and controversy about this rundown, which I can only assume has negative results if done wrong, I’m really glad to have done it!

Stars behind palms

It’s definitely not an easy process nor a quick one, but it was so worthwhile as Randy and I went back far into my history and handled about 30+ very heavily introverting experiences – I’m assuming more than the average person and why I was such a neurotic mess – and blew SO MUCH charge off of my case! One thing I noticed at the end of the rundown was how I felt bigger in terms of my physical space in that I no longer “trapped” in my head.

I also used to have a frequent weird pulling sensation on the right side of my head, not painful but annoying and I’d even had a CAT scan done out of concern. We have handled this in the rundown and now I somewhat forget that this is gone from me as well.

I also find that I don’t worry about what other people think. I don’t mean that in a reckless way, in which some people use to justify being a jerk – of course still care about what others think to some degree – but I don’t worry about what the other person is thinking of me, how I must look to them or dwell on something that I said moments earlier, as that made me incredibly neurotic and anxious. By stopping the obsessions, the needless stressing out and triple-guessing myself disappeared and I have saved a lot of time and energy. It’s not simply about stopping bad things either; I’m more confident, more present during conversations and as a result I have a lot more fun in them and with others.

I don’t feel like I have to hold myself back nor automatically look back and feel guilt and shame about something that I said either during or after conversations; if someone has an issue with me, then I’ll let them tell me about it, otherwise I’ve pretty stopped assuming bad things are happening or reading into them endlessly.

I was also unaware how in the past that I had unconsciously sought out self-help, therapy, recovery groups, even auditing and self-audited in order to vicariously fix others, which to some degree would help of course, but it wasn’t until this rundown ended that I realized while it would clean up my side of the street and make it easier for them to work on themselves and communicate with me, at the end of the day they still have to do the work and I’m not responsible for their problems. As such, I no longer feel any compulsion to “fix myself” in order to “fix others”, nor to “seem normal”. I used to alternate between thinking I was all the problem and thinking I was victim of a bad environment and upbringing with no control over what happened to me and that my current situation was a result of the past. The reality is both are true to some extent, but I realized how I have been trying to conform to others and to unhealthy environments due to many weird decisions in the past when I became introverted. Now I feel like myself and see that I have a lot more responsibility and influence over my life, environment and others than I first realized, and already am seeing good results as I own it.

My wife says I’m less anxious and points out that I don’t keep talking as I felt that I used to have to do, which I noticed that I did when I was nervous and felt like I had to explain myself thoroughly to avoid being misunderstood. I’m no longer moody like I was in the morning – granted, strong coffee helps – nor anywhere near as controlling.

I’m also more engaged with other peoples’ lives and activities as I notice that my empathy and interest for others has improved a lot as well, it’s no longer all about me or what I think or what I think they think about me, and I give them the space to be themselves. I’m also much more interested in my wife, my friends and my family, and not in a nosy way.

One interesting thing related to that, which was unintended, was that we handled a longstanding ARCX with my sister with whom I don’t much talk. The next day she contacted me to reach out and see how I was doing. Another thing is that I am able to handle upsets quickly as recently happened with a friend. Though unpleasant, it only was 30 minutes long and I spotted it and it blew without my dwelling on it for a long time and I stopped making myself wrong continuously as I used to (I’m also reevaluating with whom I spend my time).

I also noticed myself recalling a lot more memories that I’d long forgotten about. We handled all of the charged ones in session of course, but the overwhelming majority of these have been either pleasant or innocuous seemingly random life events. I’m curious why I recall them, but I am much happier to have them rather than constantly being bombarded by negative ones and self-criticizing afterwards.

I’ve also recently changed careers and I’ve managed to create a job for myself in a company that I respect at the highest hourly rate I’ve ever had. On top of that, 2 lawsuits that have gone on for nearly a year have settled at a favorable rate and outcome. Projects I’m working on now are completing, as I separate what’s in line with my purpose and jettison anything else. I think the main reason for this is that I’m able to get out of my own way and just focus on getting things done instead of procrastinating and worrying about if I’m doing something right.

Thanks to my auditor Randy for sticking with me for such a long time to get to the EP. Thanks to Kay for keeping me accountable and for the great conversations before each session. Thank you to my wife for her support as we know that difficult things always come up during session – we have a love-hate relationship with auditing, because while I know that I’ll be significantly better by the end of it, getting through the rundown tends to brings up many life challenges long left ignored and unhandled that makes it tempting to give up unless you’re persistent with getting to the end. Thanks of course to L. Ron Hubbard and the Scientology staff who developed this great process and for helping a former neurotic get out of his head!



Stellar Gains from Communications Grade

This was my second time through this grade, and I achieved even greater improvement in my understanding of and ability to communicate effectively.

two talking women while using laptop

Photo by mentatdgt on Pexels.com

I am more in present time, employ “Do Birds Fly” readily  in helping another complete an answer, and I am not at all concerned or afraid about having successful communication.

Besides more fully understanding and being able to see the tone level  of another and then communicate at or near that level, I have gained a greater ability to see whether the other can “have” my communication and make it at the correct gradient.

 I can have or tolerate any communication from another and deliver communication that does not invalidate or evaluate the other.   I am employing the TRs* with more facility and kindness.

I actually don’t feel the need to fill up the space with my communication, but would prefer listening and acknowledging others. I have more patience and compassion for others and feel I am better able to help others survive.

I have greater confidence and freedom, and I want to acknowledge and thank Randy for his experienced, professional and expert auditing.  I fully trust that I am working with one of the best spiritual consultants on the planet.



*TRs-  Training Routines – developed by L. Ron Hubbard as exercises to enable auditors (or anyone) to communicate more effectively.

Great Wins from 1st Auditing

I have been effectively managing anxiety, worry, lack of concentration and spiritual/existential issues using auditing.


I have made definitive progress in addressing these issues and have been feeling better about my life in general as a result.