New Method One Word Clearing Completion

This is an auditing action in which the auditor assesses a list of subjects one may have studied or been exposed to, then asks for misunderstood words in any reading subject. Clearing these up to full understanding, can result in a recovery of one’s education. Here is a recent product of this wonderful procedure:

“This process was a lot of fun and very exciting, and gave me a big piece of freedom.

 I can more comfortably exist and find order in the chaos of subjects and words in life.

My interest was rekindled and/or ignited in areas of life that have been dormant. 

One of my biggest wins:  I know what I don’t know.   I am more able to spot what I don’t know and not fearful or reluctant to find out.  Having some knowledge of a subject but not all is fine; I can always get more. 

I  especially experienced the satisfaction of enjoying finding out the origin of words, where they came from, how they evolved, their different usages. And physically my peripheral vision has broadened.

This process has brought me to a higher level of existence.

Thank you to Randy for making this very enjoyable and honoring and helping me find the answer to every question.

And as always, much gratitude for the genius technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard.”


Stupendous Gains during OT VII

After session today, I had a cognition on a fundamental-to-each-thetan level. Now, you all know about flows, ridges and dispersals, right? Here are some definitions from the tech dictionary, just in case:

FLOW, 1. an impulse or direction of energy particles or thought or masses between terminals. (HCOB 3 Feb 69) 2. the progress of particles or impulses or waves from point A to point B. Flow has the connotation of being somewhat directional. (SH Spec 84, 6612C13) 3. a progress of energy between two points. The points may have masses. The points are fixed and the fixedness of the points and their opposition produce the phenomena of flows. (HCOB 1 Feb 62) 4. a change of position of particles in space. (PDC 30) 5.  any line of flow, whether contracting or lengthening, is called a flow. A common manifestation is seen in an electric light wire. (Scn 8-80, p. 43)

F-l, flow one, something happening to self. (HCOB 4 Apr 71-lR)

F-2, flow two, doing something to another. (HCOB 4 Apr 71-lR)

F-3, now three, others doing things to others. (HCOB 4 Apr 71-lR)

F-0, flow zero, self doing something to self. (HCOB 4 Apr 71-lR)

RIDGE, 1. it’s a standing apparent motionlessness of some kind or other, an apparent solidity, an apparent no-outflow—no-inflow, that’s a ridge. Flows have direction. Ridges have location. (5904C08) 2. a ridge is caused by two energy flows coinciding and causing an enturbulence of energy, which, on examination, is found to take on a characteristic which in energy flows is very like matter, having its particles in chaotic mixture. (Scn 8-80, p. 43) 3. a ridge is formed from two flows and these two flows hitting will pile things up. (PDC 18) (This is a partial definition, but these definitions contain the most relevant definitions for this success story.)

DISPERSAL, a series of outflows from a common point. A dispersal is, primarily a number of flows extending from a common center. The best example of a dispersal is an explosion. There is such a thing as an in-dispersal. This would be where the flows are all traveling toward a common center. One might call this an implosion. Outflow and inflow from a common center are classified under the word dispersal. (Scn 8-8008, p. 17)

(Success story, continued:)

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In a previous session, I noticed an “inflow” coming my way—very strong. Overwhelming. I finished session and thought that just acknowledging the flow was all I needed to do. All right. So just after my most recent session, I realized that I’ve been living with an attitude of “scarcity” of things in my life: paper for auditing, pens, ink, money, time, health, even me being “less than” somehow. All inflows, and I was holding on desperately! I had been pulling the flows in toward myself, feeling like I “had to hang on” to them (for ages), and I was making a huge ridge out of it all.

I let them go.

Like a rubber band snapping back. I feel as if these flows around me have reversed or been neutralized. I can outflow, and this letting go or reversal of the flow will actually allow me more of what I want. There’s no “must have”. I don’t have to hang on to things. Ideas. Or pull inward. Or obsessively conserve (which suggests the attitude that there “isn’t enough”). There is abundance. It’s safe to outflow. To have. I’m looking forward to seeing how this fundamental change in flow will affect my life. I do feel more relaxed, serene and calm.

Thanks for Randy Smith being my C/S on OT VII, and for LRH, who put all of this amazing tech together.

Mary Blackford

A New Clear Has just been Acheived!

“The state of Clear can be achieved on Dianetics.

I have now determined there is no such thing as Keyed-Out Clear. There is only a Dianetic Clear and he is a Clear.

The state of Dianetic Clear means the pc has erased his Dianetic case or mental image pictures; he has attained the ability to be at cause over mental matter, energy, space and time on the First Dynamic.” –From HCOB 24 Sept 1978 Dianetic Clear by L. Ron Hubbard


 Success Story – Completion of NED processing – Clear!

“I knew I had EP’d on the process when I recognized that I had “lost my mind.”  My bank was out of the way and under my control.

“Some notable phenomena I am experiencing upon achieving a state of Clear:

I am able to look at engramic pictures but without being restimulated.  I can get the memory out of the file clerk, look at it with its misemotion and aberration but not become at effect of it.

I am recognizing more and more when I am “out of my mind” (in a good way!), fully present and in a clear state.

I am spotting mental mass when it is approaching and keep it away, not become immersed in it.

Having many wins recognizing that I am a safer terminal, don’t feel the urge to make myself known; rather, prefer to be there for others.  Do not want to give unsolicited advice. And I am seeing in others their desire and struggle to understand and solve their lives, and I am feeling more and more compassion for my fellow man and what weighs on him and have a greater appreciation and admiration for how we all still survive in spite of the bank.

I am grateful that I have come to a place where I prefer to listen and look, be a safe terminal for my friends and a neighbor who just wanted to outflow.  They had so much to get out, and I was able and happy to be there for them without feeling the need to do anything but show understanding and acknowledge.

My life is more fluid, I have control of time, don’t think about time, just know I have enough. 

My eyesight is clearer, my sense of taste better.

My TR’s are happening more naturally.  I don’t have to think about being there for someone and acknowledging them, am doing it naturally and effortlessly.

I am recognizing when I am using my analytical mind and when I am present with no mind.  Most of the time I am calculating, doing, producing and not thinking, just knowing that I will take the correct and ethical actions.

I am gaining in confidence in knowing who I am, that I don’t have to be anyone or anything.

I am at cause over my actions,  behavior, thoughts, emotions.

I have more vitality and my body is running optimally; I have no cravings that cannot be controlled, am free from smoking and drinking.  Certain that I do not want to take mind altering drugs, that I want to be fully in control of my mind.

I am becoming more honest and ethical, using ethics tech in my decisions and actions.

I can easily experience tears at a sad movie or sad situation and laughter appropriately.  

I am putting forth the correct amount of effort.

I am more easily understanding concepts, that life boils down to getting MEST out of the way and under control so I can perceive life in a clear state and then analytically and knowingly take action.

I am seeing others’ pictures more often.

I can predict the future using data and the Tech.

I am confident and don’t think about what to do,  rather I know what to do.

I am not having nagging emotions and not knowing what is causing them.  I am more at peace, not troubled, more confident and relaxed.

I am catching myself more frequently being completely and effortlessly focused and without my mind plaguing me.

I have no more sense of urgency.

I can more readily identify my and others’ tone and then communicate more effectively.

I feel that things have slowed down and I’m operating in optimum randomity.  My actions are more deliberate.

I understand exchange is one of the basics for successful relationships, and I am seeing and putting ethics in when there is an out exchange.

I am more interested in life, not bored. 

I have set myself free, and I know this is just the beginning of achieving more freedom and understanding and expansion.

I am content with my existence and achieving simplicity.  The wins keep coming.

I am a nicer person.

I have shifted into a place of observing Mankind and feel I can contribute to the 7th dynamic through my activities on the 4th.  I want to continue my studies and auditing so that I can better serve my fellow man and contribute.

I feel I have sort of graduated to a bigger job with more responsibility, and I am more ready to be connected to the other dynamics.

I am using the Tech.

I finally got myself out of my own way.

Thank you to Randy for his unwavering support, patience, professionalism, knowledge and wisdom in delivering the genius of L. Ron Hubbard.”


Past Life Rundown

In doing this action regarding past lives, about which I had been a skeptic,  I had the opportunity to look at and experience my feelings, behavior, and considerations in a situation in several apparent past lives, and then see how I might handle it or what lesson I could learn in this life. 

I also recognize that this was a way for me to confront what I may not have been able to confront in this life, a sort of round about way to gaining more confront.

In order to confront my darkness, I needed to put in the distance of a past life, so that it was easier to see who I was or am and what I was or am thinking in order to get the cognitions that would clear things up.

At no time did Randy try to suggest or persuade me that the incidents coming up were real. But I must say that as we ran through each one, they had real meaning for my current life, and increased my certainty and understanding of who I really am.

I enjoyed the process very much, feel my creativity and imagination have grown,  and I have enjoyed more freedom and expansiveness.


Latest Completion – New Era Dianetics Drug Rundown

I had many wins during this rundown and feel some or all of the drug mass has been removed.  I am more able to swiftly and clearly spot an area of confusion and straighten it out.

I flushed out considerations I had for using drugs, and specifically I saw that in every case my purpose was to not confront and handle my life.  I got off more overts and withholds and have cleaned up my space even more. 

I had more frequent exterior occasions.  I have gotten better at identifying a misemotion* before I get engulfed in it which is keeping me more sane and making pro-survival decisions.  My life is lighter and more effortless, and I am further removed from areas of sadness and loss.  I am understanding that my son has his own journey, and I am letting go.  His condition is less distressing and burdensome .   I recognize where I have control and where I do not. 

My physical body is working well, running optimally and I am taking care of it reliably. Getting rid of drug mass has given my body more agility and energy and vitality.

If I had to sum it up, I see that I am free to operate in life, postulating  clearly and determinatively and setting things in motion with clear direction.   I am more and more confident that the universe is supporting me and will continue so long as I keep striving for highest ethics.  I am seeing immediate rewards in my daily life upon my making and acting on ethical decisions.

I feel I am in harmony with the dynamics, have control over my own determinism, have more certainty about who I am.  I am more a part of the 7th dynamic, which includes spiritual things and aesthetics.  I am content in my life and have more stability, not needing to be anywhere other than where I am, not needing to have anything, appreciate and take care of my MEST and do not identify with it.  Most of all I am feeling more certainty and stability about who I am.

I am enjoying more freedom, enjoying my solitude and am using the tone scale more effortlessly in choosing with whom I communicate.   My TRs are getting in better.  

I feel I am at cause pretty much most of the time.

I am getting more done with less effort, having optimal randomity** most of the time.  My control over time is better.  I used to have more than enough time, but now I have just enough and can make more if I need it.

I am more and more confident in my ethics, and having my ethics in gives me the freedom to be and appreciate who I am.

Everyday I appreciate the genius of L. Ron Hubbard and the skill and professionalism with which Randy delivers the information and tech.


*Misemotion: Anything that is an unpleasant emotion, such as antagonism, anger, fear, grief, apathy, or a death feeling. (Technical Dictionary)

**Randomity: The amount of predicted and unpredicted motion a person has, in ratio. He likes 50/50 (Technical Dictionary)

Impressive Grade III Completion

The processes on Grade III helped me to look back and recognize that the biggest challenge I have confronted and handled (and am still handling): that after many years, the charge and upset and trauma have  gone away.

I am viewing more of life, having more exterior experiences.

I am assessing a situation and/or a person and seeing very quickly how and for how long I choose to be in communication with it/him/her, and then taking action.  I am drawing on the tone scale, SP *tech, ethics tech, OEC** tech, TR*** training to give me certainty….instantly.

I am able to hold my position and stay calm, and have more certainty about who I am as long as my ethics are in.  I am more and more pan determined, viewing life from farther away and taking in more.  At this point in my journey, it is all about ethics, ethics on all dynamics, making decisions based on the greatest good for the greatest number.

Being processed so that I could view my position on all the dynamics, I feel balanced and clean on all the dynamics, although I don’t really think about the 8th.    I am having more 7th dynamic experiences, feel that I am successfully earning my way into the 7th.  Having more space, occupying a bigger space.

I am more at cause than at effect in life.  

If I go down tone, I can identify the tone more readily and clearly,  and after recognizing it , move up.   If something is sad, then I get sad, but I can pull myself out of it and not carry on or dramatize.   I am having a calm, orderly and controlled life. 

I am happy to be alone, content with my life.  I don’t feel that I am on a hamster wheel running to accomplish and accumulate.  I pretty much stay at a tone of calm and certainty, viewing more of life, certainty that I will ethically handle whatever comes up, am better able to help others, using TRs more and more naturally.

I am more confident that when the situation calls for it, I will respond with the correct estimation of force.

I Have more distance from things, and an increased ability to confront, and more confidence to confront because I have revisited upsets of the past and been able to see them more at a distance, not be caught up in the charge . 

I believe I have gotten rid of enough charge on past upsets to be able to stay exterior from the charge, and not get pulled into it.  And even though there are challenges and more games ahead,  I know I can confront and handle them

I have a more expanded view of things and the ability to stay distant, stay out of the mass of it.  Also know my ethics are in and that if I take action, I have certainty that I will handle with a wide enough view to make prosurvival decisions.

I am not afraid of the future and have a more relaxed serene attitude about what is ahead.  Although my biggest challenge from the past has continued into present time, I am not at effect of it, I am able to stay removed from it, not get engaged in it, know that in my continued management of it, I will take ethical actions.

I am no longer afraid of the situation and feel I can continue to fully confront and handle without becoming at effect. 

One of the biggest wins came in looking at what terminals I agreed to become effect of in the past and how by not confronting and handling, I put myself more at effect and became a substance abuser to justify not confronting.  I am clean and sober.

I am recognizing my  success in the completion of Grade 1 and my increased ability to recognize the source of problems, handle them,  I recognize my success in the completion of Grade 2 in that I am not suffering from the sufferings of this life, and from my successful completion of Grade 3, I am able and willing to face the future.  And with the completion of Grade 3, the ability I gained from the successful completion of Grades 1 and 2 have come more fully into view.  I notice the increased clarity with which I view life, have more knowingness and no doubt about my ability to take correct actions.  Actually, I am living my life free of doubt….I just realized this.  I am sure of my ability to make pan determined choices and take action with a better estimation of force in order to execute.

And of course my endless thanks to L. Ron Hubbard for the marvelous technology, and to my auditor Randy Smith for the skillful application.


  • SP Suppressive Person – or Antisocial personality
  • ** OEC Organization Executive Course
  • *** TRs Training Routines – communications drills

Wonderful New OT 8

Today I finished New OT 8.

What a level! 

I have recovered source and I am able to experience it again. 

It is wonderful to be in this OT universe. 

Once again many thanks to you, Randy. 

And my deepest thanks to you RON who laid out this path for us.  

Best, Arthur 

Outstanding Original OT VII Completion

I have just completed Original OT VII. 

It is a wonderful feeling and certainty to have regained the ability to project intention.

I know now that I have the tool to attain anything in life.  

Thank you, Randy. With your help I got the chance to do Original OT V, VI and VII!

 And RON, thank you so much for these wonderful levels!  



Great wins on Original OT V

This is a level that the Church stopped delivering by the early 80’s It consists of drills to expand the abilities of an Operating Thetan. Here are wins from a recent completion:

“I have completed Original OT V. What a wonderful level!

It is a level for the thetan. It is like a new beginning.

You cannot express it in words.

The must-have for MEST has gone.

I only feel theta, freedom, joy and contentedness.

Thank you, RON.

Thanks to you, too, Randy.

A R C,


Fantastic OT 8 Completion

This person had legendary abilities gained on OT 8

“On OT 8 you learn the truth. The truth about yourself and all dynamics.

“You experience what the 8th Dynamic really is. And you know that you will never go into the trap again.

“My space is infinite, so is my ARC.  I  a m  ARC. I am embracing all beings.

“And I have reached a very new state of ability to help and support any thetan.  And I am finding out more and more aspects of this new state and these new OT abilities.  RON, this gift you have given us is so great, so immense and cannot be described by words.  And it never ends. I am so much closer to you now. 

“Randy, again you were such a wonderful C/S and especially for this level I needed someone like you. Thank you so much.  

Love,  Ingrid”