Getting Out of My Head – by Ian


The Introspection Rundown has been life changing. Despite all the rumors, negativity and controversy about this rundown, which I can only assume has negative results if done wrong, I’m really glad to have done it!

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It’s definitely not an easy process nor a quick one, but it was so worthwhile as Randy and I went back far into my history and handled about 30+ very heavily introverting experiences – I’m assuming more than the average person and why I was such a neurotic mess – and blew SO MUCH charge off of my case! One thing I noticed at the end of the rundown was how I felt bigger in terms of my physical space in that I no longer “trapped” in my head.

I also used to have a frequent weird pulling sensation on the right side of my head, not painful but annoying and I’d even had a CAT scan done out of concern. We have handled this in the rundown and now I somewhat forget that this is gone from me as well.

I also find that I don’t worry about what other people think. I don’t mean that in a reckless way, in which some people use to justify being a jerk – of course still care about what others think to some degree – but I don’t worry about what the other person is thinking of me, how I must look to them or dwell on something that I said moments earlier, as that made me incredibly neurotic and anxious. By stopping the obsessions, the needless stressing out and triple-guessing myself disappeared and I have saved a lot of time and energy. It’s not simply about stopping bad things either; I’m more confident, more present during conversations and as a result I have a lot more fun in them and with others.

I don’t feel like I have to hold myself back nor automatically look back and feel guilt and shame about something that I said either during or after conversations; if someone has an issue with me, then I’ll let them tell me about it, otherwise I’ve pretty stopped assuming bad things are happening or reading into them endlessly.

I was also unaware how in the past that I had unconsciously sought out self-help, therapy, recovery groups, even auditing and self-audited in order to vicariously fix others, which to some degree would help of course, but it wasn’t until this rundown ended that I realized while it would clean up my side of the street and make it easier for them to work on themselves and communicate with me, at the end of the day they still have to do the work and I’m not responsible for their problems. As such, I no longer feel any compulsion to “fix myself” in order to “fix others”, nor to “seem normal”. I used to alternate between thinking I was all the problem and thinking I was victim of a bad environment and upbringing with no control over what happened to me and that my current situation was a result of the past. The reality is both are true to some extent, but I realized how I have been trying to conform to others and to unhealthy environments due to many weird decisions in the past when I became introverted. Now I feel like myself and see that I have a lot more responsibility and influence over my life, environment and others than I first realized, and already am seeing good results as I own it.

My wife says I’m less anxious and points out that I don’t keep talking as I felt that I used to have to do, which I noticed that I did when I was nervous and felt like I had to explain myself thoroughly to avoid being misunderstood. I’m no longer moody like I was in the morning – granted, strong coffee helps – nor anywhere near as controlling.

I’m also more engaged with other peoples’ lives and activities as I notice that my empathy and interest for others has improved a lot as well, it’s no longer all about me or what I think or what I think they think about me, and I give them the space to be themselves. I’m also much more interested in my wife, my friends and my family, and not in a nosy way.

One interesting thing related to that, which was unintended, was that we handled a longstanding ARCX with my sister with whom I don’t much talk. The next day she contacted me to reach out and see how I was doing. Another thing is that I am able to handle upsets quickly as recently happened with a friend. Though unpleasant, it only was 30 minutes long and I spotted it and it blew without my dwelling on it for a long time and I stopped making myself wrong continuously as I used to (I’m also reevaluating with whom I spend my time).

I also noticed myself recalling a lot more memories that I’d long forgotten about. We handled all of the charged ones in session of course, but the overwhelming majority of these have been either pleasant or innocuous seemingly random life events. I’m curious why I recall them, but I am much happier to have them rather than constantly being bombarded by negative ones and self-criticizing afterwards.

I’ve also recently changed careers and I’ve managed to create a job for myself in a company that I respect at the highest hourly rate I’ve ever had. On top of that, 2 lawsuits that have gone on for nearly a year have settled at a favorable rate and outcome. Projects I’m working on now are completing, as I separate what’s in line with my purpose and jettison anything else. I think the main reason for this is that I’m able to get out of my own way and just focus on getting things done instead of procrastinating and worrying about if I’m doing something right.

Thanks to my auditor Randy for sticking with me for such a long time to get to the EP. Thanks to Kay for keeping me accountable and for the great conversations before each session. Thank you to my wife for her support as we know that difficult things always come up during session – we have a love-hate relationship with auditing, because while I know that I’ll be significantly better by the end of it, getting through the rundown tends to brings up many life challenges long left ignored and unhandled that makes it tempting to give up unless you’re persistent with getting to the end. Thanks of course to L. Ron Hubbard and the Scientology staff who developed this great process and for helping a former neurotic get out of his head!



Stellar Gains from Communications Grade

This was my second time through this grade, and I achieved even greater improvement in my understanding of and ability to communicate effectively.

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I am more in present time, employ “Do Birds Fly” readily  in helping another complete an answer, and I am not at all concerned or afraid about having successful communication.

Besides more fully understanding and being able to see the tone level  of another and then communicate at or near that level, I have gained a greater ability to see whether the other can “have” my communication and make it at the correct gradient.

 I can have or tolerate any communication from another and deliver communication that does not invalidate or evaluate the other.   I am employing the TRs* with more facility and kindness.

I actually don’t feel the need to fill up the space with my communication, but would prefer listening and acknowledging others. I have more patience and compassion for others and feel I am better able to help others survive.

I have greater confidence and freedom, and I want to acknowledge and thank Randy for his experienced, professional and expert auditing.  I fully trust that I am working with one of the best spiritual consultants on the planet.



*TRs-  Training Routines – developed by L. Ron Hubbard as exercises to enable auditors (or anyone) to communicate more effectively.

Great Wins from 1st Auditing

I have been effectively managing anxiety, worry, lack of concentration and spiritual/existential issues using auditing.


I have made definitive progress in addressing these issues and have been feeling better about my life in general as a result.


New Life Repair Completion

This college-age young woman has made some astounding gains in her first auditing.  We are very proud to have helped her, using Ron’s tech.

“Since I’ve started auditing I have noticed an improvement in my communication skills.  I’ve been able to meet new people & expand my friend group instead of staying isolated at home.

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“I also noticed a recent burst of self-confidence in myself that others tell me they’ve noticed, too.

“It’s become easier to get ready/dressed before I go out – which has always been a struggle for me.

“I’ve also stopped saying the phrase, “I’m scared!” to myself, which I used to say frequently, almost every time I felt anxiety & I felt weak.  Now the phrase doesn’t cross my mind – and if it does I choose NOT to say it and make it true.

“My anticipation anxiety has overall declined, too.”



Stellar wins from Grades Auditing

Pat’s success story speaks volumes – for itself:


“In the last week I have been feeling more at peace and that I have more stability to hold my position. I have not felt any urgency but rather a sense of no time  – or that time is not important – confident that everything is happening at the right time and in the right order.

“Things are quieter.

“My communication has been much better. I feel content to listen to others and no need to evaluate them, but simply respond appropriately and effortlessly. I am more accepting of other’s beingness and do not feel compelled to have them see my point of view.

“I attend a support group for people with loved ones suffering from mental illness. Some attending are in urgent and distressing situations, and I have been able to be in the group and not become at effect or have my own situation get charged up and/or in the way. I have been much more able to listen and observe and then offer help and information to members. I can leave the group and go about the rest of my day without bringing the entheta with me.

“I feel sort of insulated or protected or detached while at the same time have more ability to be fully engaged in my communication with others and be there for them.

“My use of the technology has improved.

“I have been having a greater sense of wellbeing and knowingness that I can handle with ethics whatever comes up, that I will make the right decisions.

“I thank Randy for his experience, expertise, patience and understanding. A true professional.

“And I thank Kay (Randy’s wife)  for her interest, wisdom and friendship, a truly special being.”


Ian Completes ARC Straightwire

As one of the major Grades in the auditing lineup, one would expect some interesting gains to be had.  Sure enough, Ian has had them, in abundance, including marrying his longtime girlfriend.

Here is his success story:

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I’m glad to say that after a start, stop, struggle and then another go, I am finally done with ARC Straight Wire!

I’ve had a lot of successes on this rundown and yet before I started I was hesitant to begin because I thought that I might have some weird realizations partway through like discovering that most of my doubts and anxieties were because I was with the wrong person and that I should leave my girlfriend, or something equally horrible. Not only did that not happen, but in fact we got married at last on our 6-year anniversary one month ago! It was a wonderful wedding and honeymoon! Talk about improving our ARC!

While all of my inhibitions are not entirely gone, many of my doubts and anxieties have dramatically reduced or vanished, and I’m now working towards a very big, life changing project much more in line with my purposes and I’m taking a lot of steps towards a major career and life change … beyond getting married! It involves a very heavy background check which includes having to unearth ALL of my past jobs, medical history, past homes, people I interacted with and such, which brings up quite a lot of memories and emotions, but because the rundown has a significant portion dedicated to improving recall, I will suddenly find myself at times remembering a small job, gig or contact, or a random time and place which was benign but suddenly springs back to me. It’s like a nice discovery of something long forgotten.

I also had some really interesting things come up during it as well, including getting a call out of the blue from an employer from YEARS ago (from 2013) and getting hired to work on a commercial. I was actually recommended to him from another past employer who was working alongside him. And what’s weird is that I hadn’t contacted either of them in years – instead I was just listing out their names and contacts on my end to submit my work history and contacts. And during that job, while it was enjoyable and I had much clearer insights; I saw why it had attracted me (good pay, mainly being organized, observing, recording, making notes, ensuring that there were no errors, etc.) and also saw VERY clearly why didn’t want to stay in that line of work anymore (not a lot of analytical thinking, creativity, a bit repetitive, etc.).

In that sense I’ve gotten rid of a lot of the “maybes” regarding retreating to old paths and possible careers as I get more and more certain of what I want to do for my life. Likewise, a former associate from a neighboring business of a job that ended over a year ago also contacted me out of the blue, saying that he was reminded of me and thinking about me. Now it’s not uncommon for people I’ve not spoken to in years to reach out to me via email or text, saying that they’ve just thought about me and wanted to say hi. I’m not sure if this is a “secret menu” part of this rundown, but as I’m in overall better and higher communication with people of the past and it seems that some old connections are returning.

I’ve also noticed received compliments from my family and former coworkers/supervisors that I’ve drastically improved from 5-6 years ago when I started auditing and was a real mess!

It’s nice to know that I’m definitely improving my mental clarity and stability, and things are getting
better overall.

I know that unfortunately for some people this is not their situation, and I empathize because I used to feel like that, but now I’m quite confident that things will work out if I continue to do the work.

And that’s probably one of the best wins– I lost a lot of the “magical thinking” that I used to have such as “Maybe if I audit enough things will work out all right.” I mean, yes, the rundowns do help with perceptions, clarity, decisions and unburdening yourself from the past, but you still have to plan and take some action for things happen. And that takes work, something I noticed that I’m more willing to do and make more focused plans… which is easier with less baggage and resentment and fear lingering around clouding your thoughts.

Anyway, I’m glad to see closure on many past issues and projects, have a lot less “noise” in my head and sleep better too with more vivid dreams. I’m actually looking forward to what the future holds. It’s not going to be easy to accomplish because it is such a change of direction, but, unlike before where I felt overwhelming doubt, dread and anxiety, now I have hope and believe that it will be worth it if I stay focused and keep doing the right things. It takes time but with persistence it will pan out, I am confident in that.

Thank you Randy for sticking with me for all of these months and generosity with sessions as we really cleared up a lot of deep and intense material! Thank you to Kay for your support!

Thank you to L. Ron Hubbard and the staff of Scientology for coming up with this material! And thank you to my lovely wife who has supported me from day one and through all of this. I feel a lot better and I’m looking forward to looking forward!


PS It’s a great way to start a new year – I also completed this rundown on my birthday.


High on the Scientology Drug Rundown

by Anonymous

“Drugs are an outside solution to an inside problem.”

This was one of my major cognitions towards the end of my Scientology Drug Rundown, which my auditor Randy Smith handled like a charm.

Stars behind palms

When Randy first told me that I needed to do this rundown due to my past drug uses, I was quite irritated and offended. After all, I was not a major drug user! Sure, I’d smoked some weed before and had my fair share of drinks in the past, and yeah I was not proud of all of my past moments involving them, but it was nothing excessive, right?

In actuality, I have been to 12 step rooms and to a psychiatrist, a psychologist and therapist – but these were for other issues called “process addictions” aka compulsions (e.g. money, sex, food).

Before doing it, I believed that the Drug Rundown was a mistake and that the rundown was not for me since I was no druggie or heavy boozer and I’d always been grateful that drugs and alcohol had not ruined my life. (That also said, these 12 step rooms while good-intentioned, made me quite neurotic as there was a lot of addict / aberration crossover, and there’s a new belief going around  that if you’re not in at least 3 programs then you’re not doing it right or being honest … needless to say, this kind of environment made many of my issues much worse).

Despite my resistance, I realized that this would handle the D part of PDH (Pain-Drugs-Hypnosis), which was necessary to erase my reactive mind anyway. I figured that perhaps it would at least handle some of the underpinnings to these process addictions.

More importantly, as much of my family struggles with alcoholism, drug addiction and abusing psychiatric medication which has led to failed marriages, job losses, depression, homelessness and even suicide, I did not want to fall prey to that pattern – which unfortunately I see already starting to happen with my younger cousins and brother. So, after getting over my ego, I thought maybe it was worth at least checking out and handling whatever little charge I might have on these subjects.

Man, I had SO MUCH charge removed on this rundown!  I might even have achieved Dianetic Release!  We’ll see, I am sure.

It was a rather long process, but we handled past injuries and accidents that resulted in painkillers, drugs and anesthetics – as well as injuries and embarrassments caused by these controlled substances, and everything in between. In fact, one major benefit is that I used to have chronic neck and back pains for over a decade since I was in a pretty major car accident, but now they are gone and my neck stiffness has disappeared – as has much of my tension around driving and my driving reaction times have improved dramatically, plus I’m much, much less tempted to look at texts while driving. Oh, and that neuroticism I had from the 12 step rooms? Virtually gone.

Going through the rundown, I saw that after witnessing or experiencing several incidents growing up I believed that nobody would help me, and so I had decided asking for help was weakness and that only I could ever help myself, and found all sorts of ways to escape or numb the pain. Luckily (?) I was too cheap to spend a lot on drugs or alcohol and I valued my intelligence too much so it morphed into those addictive “processes” instead, but those were not much better – in some ways worse because they are integral parts of life. I now feel free of those beliefs and emotions and while I saw that they had served me through extreme times of stress and difficulty growing up, they no longer served me and I have let them go.

Another insight – I recognized that there was at least one Suppressive Person in my life: my maternal grandmother. Her negative effects trickled down not only through her own immediate family which I learned about once I got older (there were a lot of surprising and strange fatal accidents which she happened to witness such as several of her siblings at a young age), she also lived a parasitic existence and damaged her children and her husband/my grandfather, and even deeply affected my own family. I don’t throw the SP term around lightly because it’s been so abused by the Church, but I had forgotten just how absolutely crazy it was growing up with her around because I had thought that basically everybody else’s family was like this. The point here being that spotting her SP influence was also a major realization and why I had been self-medicating but also how I realized why so many in my extended family in her vicinity went crazy, became homeless, drug addicts, alcoholics, killed themselves, were sick, divorced, disabled and miserable. The SP is rare but a real phenomenon and though the term should not be thrown about lightly, when spotted there’s a lot of release as well because this is a factor in why one uses drugs or numbs out through compulsions: it’s the non-confront of evil and a desire to feel in control of something when they aren’t.

Anyway, this Christmas I’ll be one year away from alcohol and will be 6 years away from using marijuana. I’m actually looking forward to keeping my money that I used to spend on recreational drugs and alcohol so that I can use it on more productive and meaningful goals in my life. When I am around others who drink even in social settings, I don’t even crave, desire or miss a drink or drugs (I don’t “white knuckle” it as they would say in 12 steps). Hell, the thought of having one does not even cross my mind anymore! It just seems like such a waste of money and time when I can do so many more fun, productive things in my life and think much more clearly about my future in the process! I definitely can say that every dollar was well spent on this rundown as I’m certain that I’ll never take drugs or drink alcohol again. (Even aspirin as headaches have disappeared too!)

This abstinence has translated to other areas as well as I no longer feel the compulsion to binge and gorge on food; I notice immediately when I am full and stop. I noticed that this past Thanksgiving when my brother and a cousin came over with 3 bottles of wine they were quite surprised that I did not have a sip of any drink and told them I don’t drink anymore. They drank three large wine bottles between the two of them instead and it was a bit weird to experience as I could see how I must have looked to others despite the fact that I “didn’t have a drinking problem.” I won’t flaunt it or gloat about it, but I do hope that by leading as an example they might follow suit and we can change our family history this generation. This rundown was very important and made a major difference.

Thank you to my auditor Randy for his incredible patience throughout this process and also to Kay for her warmth and wonderful communication, and for providing between sessions plenty of that legally sanctioned and socially condoned drug – fresh coffee! I really appreciate my girlfriend’s equally amazing amount of patience and support at all steps of my recovery. And yes, thank you to L. Ron Hubbard and to the rest of those who have pioneered this technology which has helped me and countless others on the road to full sobriety and a better life.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year’s everybody!


Outstanding Method One Completion

Ian  is a relatively new Scientologist, and has been getting great results both applying and receiving LRH technology.  Here is his latest:

Stars behind palms

Success Story

At long last, I have finally completed my Method One Word Clearing – or M1WC.

I’m not completely unfamiliar with other word clearing methods as I have used different ones to help tutor both children (M3WC) and ESL students (M7WC). They had quite a lot of success with these as they became brighter, calmer and more confident in both writing and reading English over a short time span. Yet, while tutoring, I would notice that I sometimes stumbled in a few subjects that we touched upon. As I wanted to improve myself both as a tutor,  writer and overall communicator, I realized that this was something I would need to handle before continuing too much further.

I also had to really clear up all preconceived notions of the actual intention of this rundown; completing M1WC doesn’t mean that you will never have any misunderstood words ever again in your life. Rather, it goes through a number of subjects from a provided list and then any subjects that you bring up, and then handle each one that reads on the e-meter in order to handle your past (mis)education. Not only do you clear up every studied subject that comes to mind that you don’t understand, but also those you can’t even confront due to charge and bad handling (e.g. verbally abusive, belittling instructors or authority figures) while straightening out confusing, circular, vague and abstract concepts. In doing so, you conceptually grasp words that you have heard and read before, only this time you do not feel weird, tired, confused or stressed out for unknown reasons when encountering them. Every drive on the way home after session made me that much more aware of the words all around me – and how often they are misused on a daily basis!

As an English major and a fairly literate person who has had my work both published and produced on TV, when I finished M1WC I realized that if I had as many misunderstood words as I once did, then I could only imagine how much confusion that others must experience in their daily lives without M1WC!

As a result, I have gained empathy and a new perspective on others who struggle with training and learning processes. It’s not necessarily their fault, but largely due to bad educational tools and systems taught by instructors who themselves were poorly educated. I can easily see why literacy rates in the United States are steadily dropping, why people dislike going to school, and why many people generally don’t know what they hell they are talking about most of the time on nearly any given subject – mainly because they don’t look for themselves and instead copy someone else who acts as an authority figure, who themselves often doesn’t know what the hell they are talking about, or worse, has intentionally misled others. No wonder people get so easily led astray and offended over the smallest things!

I really do wish that more students could go through this experience, as we would have a better educated populace and reverse the downward trend – as well as have an increased interest for learning in general.

Since completing M1WC this week, I have had a wide range of successes. For example, now when I study Spanish – a subject I once struggled through and avoided for many reasons – it now seems completely approachable and fun, and I make it through all of the lessons error-free, including all of those accent marks that I once ignored.

I also had a pretty massive win, which happened near the start of my M1WC – I developed and submitted a patent for my company! After 4 months of work with legal, and right after the end of my rundown, we officially submitted it to the patent office this week! I was able to drastically improve the drafting process by working with the legal team to simplify and smooth out all wording, keep the examples consistent throughout, and generally make it an easy, clear read for the patent office so that my idea goes through without hindrance. Apparently, I just set a record in my company as nobody in my position – let alone someone who has been there for under a year – has ever submitted a patent through the company! People are definitely sitting up and taking notice. I really do think that I dramatically boosted my IQ over the course of this rundown.

Lastly, I have a nonfiction academic article that I have meticulously revised and submitted for peer review, which now is being read by a few famous professors and academic journals for consideration including publication or conference presentation.

On top of that, my relationships have definitely improved as I don’t get as upset or stressed as I used to over miscommunications, even when dealing with difficult, irrational or outright hostile people. My writing and speech has become calmer and more measured when handling such issues, and I can handle conversations a lot better. A big takeaway for me has been the general sense of calm that I have compared to before in writing, reading, speaking and listening. I’m by no means perfect, but I notice immediately that if I don’t know what a word means, not only am I more aware of the immediate physiological manifestations, but I will pause, look it up, clear it up for myself and then move along. I’m looking forward to doing M2WC in the near future as M1WC one handled past misunderstood words, and M2WC will handle present time ones as I read out loud. (But even if I never continue auditing from this point forward I know that I am in a much more stable place than I was when I started).

Many thanks to you, Randy for your patience as we handled all kinds of issues that came up – some directly related to this rundown, and some which were completely unforeseen. I know that this took much, much longer than anticipated due to extensive (and expensive) schooling which piled on the misunderstood words since childhood, but I really feel that it was all well worth it. And thank you to both my girlfriend Olga and also to Randy’s wife Kay who supported and encouraged me this entire time. And thanks of course to LRH and his staff for developing this simple, yet incredibly powerful technology.

I look forward to finally catching up on reading all of those books that I have been putting off for a while, and possibly even writing a few of my own – now I will know what the hell I am talking about!




“The Banana Peel No Longer Exists for Me” -some remarkable wins from auditing.

Dan has been so full of wins lately in his auditing that I asked him if he would like to write up some.  Boy, Howdy!   Did he ever!


“Hello, my name is Dan Herbert.  Over the past 6 years I have had some remarkable auditing and I in particular would like to pay tribute to 3 of these occasions.

“First of all Russ Orrell did a grief rundown for me after my wife, Maggie Gilday, passed away.    During this assist which gave me lots of relief,  I attested to Clear and I thank Russ for spotting it – Thank You Russ for all your help!

“Not long after that assist, I encountered a wonderful thetan and auditor, Billy Nichols, and embarked on the OT adventure.  During this auditing I blew TONS  of significance, charge and mass.  There were times when Time ceased to exist and the only thing that existed was myself and viewpoint of the universe.  I felt without the sensation, the existence of my self as a static.

“Some of the attributes of that auditing include unbridled empathy, resiliency and determination.  I have never before felt so theta, centered, and aware that my existence was related and determined by me and for me, always knowing the “the banana peel” (that one might slip on and crash)  no longer existed for me.

“Well, after the above auditing I lived life for a while, quite happily.  But I sensed that there was still more adventure ahead, in going free across the other areas of life as well.  So, I postulated for something like that, and lo and behold my friend Martin connected me to Randy Smith, with whom I am currently getting OT auditing.

“I must tell you that I have never met a more complete and well-adjusted auditor, who himself lives life and dynamics that are important to him.  He is refreshing, sound, empathetic and fun.  His handling as a friend and auditor has been superb.

“After analyzing my case, Randy directed me onto my next step – Audited NOTS (Aka OT V).

“This has been a level that I had been interested in for some time.  OT V is many things and has to do with other influences and the clarity to address the difference between how you influence yourself, and when others have influenced you.

“I have gained tremendous ability to sort out the misconceptions in these areas – which can be VERY far-reaching.  This, in essence, is freeing me to “guide my own ship” – to decide solely on my own, without outside influences, known or unknown, and to better my existence as a free-thinking and free-spirited Thetan!”

Dan Herbert


A Real-World Follow-up

You might have seen yesterday’s success story from Ian on completing the Money Rundown.    Well, here is a follow-up report I just received from him today, showing a real-world result!

Hi Randy,

Hey so good news that I wanted to share with you: I booked another industry job right after session last night on my first (independent) feature film, and signed the start paperwork today.

tracking shot-stage

Though a low rate, it’s more than they were initially offering as I was able to negotiate up and get really specific in my deal memo for how / when payment to be made by, guaranteed number of days, and minimum flat rate for under 8 hours. I’m also now learning that the production hadn’t even originally budgeted for my position, but the producers were so impressed with my work they freed up some funds to make it happen! Now I’m able to really begin building credits, a portfolio of work, and accumulate some serious days towards union entry.

And I noticed as I’d discuss what I wanted and was worth that I wasn’t even nervous as it’s just business; if it didn’t work out, I’d just move onto the next opportunity which I can easily create – even when they aren’t posting for it. I felt so confident moving forward, and it is cool to see results that very same day in the real world, now I know it’s not all subjective or cliches and platitudes that some success stories can feel like. Anyway just thought you’d like to hear of some more success manifesting itself in the world outside of the auditing room.

All the Best,


Thanks again!