Auditing Success from an Indie Pre-OT

I have been auditing this lady for about a week.  These are the first sessions for her in nearly a decade, after tons of mis-handlings in the Church of Scientology.  She is “under the radar” for now as she has a close relative still on staff.  You will be hearing more from her, I am sure – Randy Smith.

                                                                Success Story

Auditing done right is such a pleasure.  Really, there are no words.  My Auditor actually indicates that my needle is floating, and it happens many times a night!!!!

I guess the meter is there.  I have no attention on it.  This is easy!

I am winning.  The Bridge is here in the Indie field.  Thank you to my Auditor, who saw the truth, left the “buildings”, and got back “in the chair”.

I’m going to make it to OT.

Love to LRH!!!

—Anonymous, for now.


10 thoughts on “Auditing Success from an Indie Pre-OT

    • I did go in session and boy do I feel so much better!!!! Like I wrote to Randy, I just needed that little extra boost of theta that his success story gave me! 😀

      • Now Tara going into session alone is a success it self, people dont realize how incradible valuable one being able to do that… Just think my dear,, just think where one can do that? what other Tech offers Tech like that when one has a problem, ARCb one zips into session and bingo! one come out smilling, feeling good, like never felt before…. The values of a session….is beyond any value which could be measured to anything else. around on this planet.

      • you know Randy, what i have found out over the years that the reason i went into sessions because i felt i was wrong, something was wrong, my life was wrong, others were wrong, what and how i felt was wrong, what i have known was wrong… Everything around me was wrong, me being on planet Earth was wrong… Did i leave out anything? Now I know for sure the only reason i ever went into session because I was wrong… How wrong one can be? Having a life as a human, believing that one is a body, believing what here on planet Earth is real.
        Coming out od sessions, having those cognitions, tens of thousands of them over the years… the cognitions were right. More cognitions I had more i realized how wrong I was…
        And some people wondering why I have wasted my so called life in session, every day.. why I have bothered and lived as they have! oddly I have had on incradible full life yet that life that living was there for lessons only-to learn from to be stimulated by it and zip into session and audit that bloody thing out..

  1. Dear Randy Since my above comment not much has changed but everything of course, I still have cognitions and by now very very short sessions since the incoming mass blows by inspection, when that simulating energy-mass is experienced..
    All I can say that LRH’s auditing technology is the Magic Wand which turns the self created Hell in to Paradise where the dreams are realities.

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