Randy and Kay


Welcome to my blog.  I am a Class VI  Auditor and  Grad V Case Supervisor (“CS”) and SHSBC graduate, and experienced MCSC course supervisor, with 40 years experience in helping others free themselves using the technology of L. Ron Hubbard.

My wife Kay and I got into Scientology in 1970, while at the University of Colorado in Boulder, after reading DMSMH.  In short order, we did HQS and I got onto the Standard Dianetics Course (HSDC) at the Denver Mission.  As an aspiring folk singer, when I saw a flyer for Celebrity Centre (CC) on the mission bulletin board, as a “place for artists”, I pulled up stakes and went to Los Angeles and enrolled in the Academy Levels.  After completing the HSDC, I twinned with Ray Mitoff (who later became Snr CS Int) on Levels 0-III, under a great CLVIII CS and Course Supervisor, Robert Maxwell.

Ray Mitoff and I “played catch” with the E-meter after hours, doing all the experiments LRH recommended in the Book of E-Meter Essentials, (and more) such as visualizing white light on the PC’s fingers while holding the cans and watching the meter needle jump.  I joined the Sea Org at CCLA under Yvonne (Gilham) Jentsch (an angel) during this time, in the TTC and in Div 6 under Heber Jentsch.   Trey Lotz, already a field auditor nearby, did my SO clearance sec check at his house nearby. Got routed out of the SO after a year by an SP MAA (who got rid of many crew at the time) and returned to Colorado.

Joined Mission Staff in Boulder Colorado and got my Permanent CL IV training and internship at the then-St. Hill sized St. Louis Org.  Trained as a CL IV CS at the Denver Org in 1975, and was sent to the Washingto DC Org where I completed the Expanded Dianetics Course..  Was the main auditor and CS at the Boulder Mission from 74-77, where I audited hundreds of hours, helping many staff and public get started on the Bridge.

Came to LA for the SHSBC (St. Hill Special Briefing Course) in the fall of 1977, and while studying on the BC at ASHO during the day, I audited in the HGC on evenings and weekends at the Pasadena Mission, which wonderfully balanced with mass then significance of my daytime studies.  I would see things appear in my PC’s cases at night that I had just heard LRH describe that day on one of the taped lectures of the SHSBC.  I audited a minimum of 25 hours per week at the Pasadena Mission from 77-80, when the GO shake-up of missions started happening, and that mission’s output of production (which far exceeded most Orgs in the Cof$ today) got unmocked.

The Pasadena Mission became an Org, and I stayed on as contracted staff, sent to Flag in ’81 for the OEC/FEBC, which I completed in the fall, returned to my org as ED, and by December was validated by my Flag Programs Chief as having the number 1 org on the planet on a 6-week trend. (I did it by following LRH and putting in a strong Exec Council).  Got removed from post soon after on some bogus pretext (makes sense, huh? – those were turbulent years!) and basically moved back into tech, my real home.

So, except for a couple years here and there on admin posts, I primarily audited and CSed in the Pasadena Org HGC, serving as Senior CS for much of that time.  Got trained as a Pro Trs review auditor and CS in 1990 at the Int Training Org in Hollywood, and was sent to IFA Roma org in Mexico City where I delivered the Pro Trs and Clay Table Processing (in Spanish) to staff and public until they got their delivery team back.  Fantastic experience – working with the Mexican staff and public – they were so cordial and welcoming.

Did the KTL/LOC training at the ITO in 92, including Review Auditor and CS certificates, and helped implement those at Pasadena, while continuing to audit and CS in the HGC. The Key to Life Course CHANGED MY LIFE, by the way. I was always a good student, but it ROCKETED my ability to absorb knowledge, and to help others do the same.

Around ’94 some MAA at the ITO determined I could not re-sign at a CL IV org as I was ex-SO, so it would “violate HCO PL Sea Org Resignations”.   I stayed on at the Pasadena Org on a non-contracted basis for at least two years, but when the Golden Age of Tech (GAT) came out, it stuck in my craw.  I audited, CSed and FESed for the org and various field groups from then into the 2000’s, but withdrew more and more as I saw what was happening to tech delivery around me due to GAT, and all the increased emphasis on fundraising and shiny buildings, instead of MAKING AUDITORS who could and would Audit to a high standard of quality and quantity.

Still drinking the Kool-Aid, however, I agreed to attend the 2009 Freezone convention under cover for OSA, to “identify the squirrels in attendance”, and went into a state of amazement to see Trey Lotz as one of the attendees,  one of the most renowned field auditors in the LA area since he had audited me briefly in 1971.  I reported this back to my OSA handlers, and found their explanations of why Trey had been declared simply laughable.  I refused to take further calls from OSA to do dirt on good tech people at that point.

I withdrew my participation from Cof$ events, etc for the next two years, read the Truth Rundown and found Marty’s blog, hooked back up with Trey and with his encouragement and shining example, began delivering Standard Tech in the Indie field, and it feels damn good!  I am delivering Purif CSing and auditing of Grades and NED.

I am also an experienced Case Supervisor, Course Supervisor,  and a very competent review auditor, when cleanups and setups are needed.  I am doing Solo NOTS as well, with amazing wins and abilities gained.
Please feel free to contact me using the Contact link above.

ARC,   Randy Smith


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Randy, I am glad to see another Grad V auditing in the independent field.
    If I can help you in any way, let me know.

    David St Lawrence

  2. Hello Randy,
    I guess we have seen each other at ITO in 1990! Hi! I’m glad to see you in the field of independents.
    Gerlinde Mantey

    • Hi Gerlinde,
      Very nice to hear from you! Yes, we must have both been on the Pro Trs evolution at the same time. Glad to see you in the Independents, too. (The smartest and most aware are, findest du?)

  3. Hi Randy,
    It has been a very long time since seeing you, 1978? So glad to see you
    became aware of what was going on and are now doing what you love in the independent
    field. Send me an email would love to catch up.

    Steve Knutson
    Old Boulder Mission guy
    out since 84

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