Outstanding Method One Completion

Ian  is a relatively new Scientologist, and has been getting great results both applying and receiving LRH technology.  Here is his latest:

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Success Story

At long last, I have finally completed my Method One Word Clearing – or M1WC.

I’m not completely unfamiliar with other word clearing methods as I have used different ones to help tutor both children (M3WC) and ESL students (M7WC). They had quite a lot of success with these as they became brighter, calmer and more confident in both writing and reading English over a short time span. Yet, while tutoring, I would notice that I sometimes stumbled in a few subjects that we touched upon. As I wanted to improve myself both as a tutor,  writer and overall communicator, I realized that this was something I would need to handle before continuing too much further.

I also had to really clear up all preconceived notions of the actual intention of this rundown; completing M1WC doesn’t mean that you will never have any misunderstood words ever again in your life. Rather, it goes through a number of subjects from a provided list and then any subjects that you bring up, and then handle each one that reads on the e-meter in order to handle your past (mis)education. Not only do you clear up every studied subject that comes to mind that you don’t understand, but also those you can’t even confront due to charge and bad handling (e.g. verbally abusive, belittling instructors or authority figures) while straightening out confusing, circular, vague and abstract concepts. In doing so, you conceptually grasp words that you have heard and read before, only this time you do not feel weird, tired, confused or stressed out for unknown reasons when encountering them. Every drive on the way home after session made me that much more aware of the words all around me – and how often they are misused on a daily basis!

As an English major and a fairly literate person who has had my work both published and produced on TV, when I finished M1WC I realized that if I had as many misunderstood words as I once did, then I could only imagine how much confusion that others must experience in their daily lives without M1WC!

As a result, I have gained empathy and a new perspective on others who struggle with training and learning processes. It’s not necessarily their fault, but largely due to bad educational tools and systems taught by instructors who themselves were poorly educated. I can easily see why literacy rates in the United States are steadily dropping, why people dislike going to school, and why many people generally don’t know what they hell they are talking about most of the time on nearly any given subject – mainly because they don’t look for themselves and instead copy someone else who acts as an authority figure, who themselves often doesn’t know what the hell they are talking about, or worse, has intentionally misled others. No wonder people get so easily led astray and offended over the smallest things!

I really do wish that more students could go through this experience, as we would have a better educated populace and reverse the downward trend – as well as have an increased interest for learning in general.

Since completing M1WC this week, I have had a wide range of successes. For example, now when I study Spanish – a subject I once struggled through and avoided for many reasons – it now seems completely approachable and fun, and I make it through all of the lessons error-free, including all of those accent marks that I once ignored.

I also had a pretty massive win, which happened near the start of my M1WC – I developed and submitted a patent for my company! After 4 months of work with legal, and right after the end of my rundown, we officially submitted it to the patent office this week! I was able to drastically improve the drafting process by working with the legal team to simplify and smooth out all wording, keep the examples consistent throughout, and generally make it an easy, clear read for the patent office so that my idea goes through without hindrance. Apparently, I just set a record in my company as nobody in my position – let alone someone who has been there for under a year – has ever submitted a patent through the company! People are definitely sitting up and taking notice. I really do think that I dramatically boosted my IQ over the course of this rundown.

Lastly, I have a nonfiction academic article that I have meticulously revised and submitted for peer review, which now is being read by a few famous professors and academic journals for consideration including publication or conference presentation.

On top of that, my relationships have definitely improved as I don’t get as upset or stressed as I used to over miscommunications, even when dealing with difficult, irrational or outright hostile people. My writing and speech has become calmer and more measured when handling such issues, and I can handle conversations a lot better. A big takeaway for me has been the general sense of calm that I have compared to before in writing, reading, speaking and listening. I’m by no means perfect, but I notice immediately that if I don’t know what a word means, not only am I more aware of the immediate physiological manifestations, but I will pause, look it up, clear it up for myself and then move along. I’m looking forward to doing M2WC in the near future as M1WC one handled past misunderstood words, and M2WC will handle present time ones as I read out loud. (But even if I never continue auditing from this point forward I know that I am in a much more stable place than I was when I started).

Many thanks to you, Randy for your patience as we handled all kinds of issues that came up – some directly related to this rundown, and some which were completely unforeseen. I know that this took much, much longer than anticipated due to extensive (and expensive) schooling which piled on the misunderstood words since childhood, but I really feel that it was all well worth it. And thank you to both my girlfriend Olga and also to Randy’s wife Kay who supported and encouraged me this entire time. And thanks of course to LRH and his staff for developing this simple, yet incredibly powerful technology.

I look forward to finally catching up on reading all of those books that I have been putting off for a while, and possibly even writing a few of my own – now I will know what the hell I am talking about!





A Real-World Follow-up

You might have seen yesterday’s success story from Ian on completing the Money Rundown.    Well, here is a follow-up report I just received from him today, showing a real-world result!

Hi Randy,

Hey so good news that I wanted to share with you: I booked another industry job right after session last night on my first (independent) feature film, and signed the start paperwork today.

tracking shot-stage

Though a low rate, it’s more than they were initially offering as I was able to negotiate up and get really specific in my deal memo for how / when payment to be made by, guaranteed number of days, and minimum flat rate for under 8 hours. I’m also now learning that the production hadn’t even originally budgeted for my position, but the producers were so impressed with my work they freed up some funds to make it happen! Now I’m able to really begin building credits, a portfolio of work, and accumulate some serious days towards union entry.

And I noticed as I’d discuss what I wanted and was worth that I wasn’t even nervous as it’s just business; if it didn’t work out, I’d just move onto the next opportunity which I can easily create – even when they aren’t posting for it. I felt so confident moving forward, and it is cool to see results that very same day in the real world, now I know it’s not all subjective or cliches and platitudes that some success stories can feel like. Anyway just thought you’d like to hear of some more success manifesting itself in the world outside of the auditing room.

All the Best,


Thanks again!

Success from Auditing

Ian asked me for help with a particular subject, so we did some standard processes on it.  He just completed it today & had a very nice result:



The subject of money is an incredibly charged subject for most people. I know it certainly was for me prior to completing The Money Rundown.

Like most people first looking to handle their financial difficulties, I began by looking at the externals. I attended a number of seminars, listened to many programs and read practically every book on the subjects of money and finances. I got a large number of different and conflicting viewpoints which, though interesting, were often confusing, and had very little impact overall on my financial well being or peace of mind.

You see, eventually I came to realize that my financial issues persisted  because I never worked on step zero: handling my negative core beliefs around money that caused said difficulties.

This led me to some 12 step programs (Debtors Anonymous & Underearners Anonymous) meant to help handle the stress, anxiety and difficulties I had around money, but ultimately turned out to be of little help – if anything it actually exacerbated the problems. In all, relatively little changed despite my knowledge and experiences, as I’d basically do OK financially for brief periods, but wouldn’t ever enjoy myself for fear of more problems down the road, then I would eventually fall back into my old ways, thus creating a self-fulfilling prophecy that kept repeating. It was extremely frustrating to say the least, because while my overall financial habits were actually pretty good as I’m pretty conservative with money (partly out of necessity), I never could earn enough nor feel at peace with what I had or wanted which led me to know something was off mentally.

I decided to handle this issue once and for all with my auditor Randy Smith. He heard and listened patiently to my concerns and worries as I discussed the subjects of money, work, career, jobs, income, finances, and other related words on the e-meter. (By the way, I also really like that he calls it “The Money Rundown” and not “The Prosperity Rundown” nor “The Havingness Rundown” to hide its true intention, as the Church now does due to its overwhelmingly bad PR; I mean, if you can’t talk about these subjects openly and call the underlying problem what it is, then how can you even begin to handle the problem?)

So one by one we went through all of these terms, using a number of processes to handle and flatten the charge around these things. While I can’t speak for others, for me it took quite a while to complete as it was really mixed in quite deep for me with a lot of other things that I had confused with it like love, success, identity, health, purpose, ego and more. But that said, it was so worth every penny that I spent to complete it because now I feel peace.

I can say that as a result of doing the work with Randy, I now have total acceptance of myself, my skills, my talents and my career, rather than fighting it and feeling insecure as I did so often. I actually also have no regrets about it either, as I noticed that I finally took responsibility for things that I hadn’t, and also let go of responsibility for things that were not mine to begin with, and learned from my past experiences which have proved to be extremely valuable.

Near the end of the process I finally shelved a career book that I was rereading for the third time, as I now have finally handled this issue. I also noticed that as things started to get handled, unexpected but certainly welcome income would appear from nowhere and opportunities would appear, despite never having applied for or even heard of them before. It was like drawing chance cards in Monopoly, only in real life!

I’m not going to kid myself that now this means I can sit back and relax while things somehow work out and that I will have never any outside issues with money in the future; I still have to do the basic work in order to find and earn income, create and build assets, and protect that wealth – but fortunately I know those good habits that I already developed will pay off both literally and figuratively as I no longer have any weird self-sabotaging beliefs about money anymore. With Step Zero done, the other steps are so much easier to handle, once and for all.

Now I certainly feel peaceful when I think of my current career and finances, where I came from and what I am creating for the future of myself and my family. Thank you Randy and Kay for your help and patience with this trying process, as well as to L. Ron Hubbard and the Scientology staff who piloted and assisted with the original program! What a great gift to myself and an awesome way to start 2016!


Success on OT V

Rima is an old friend, who had tried valiantly to get her OT V done in the Church  – twice – back in the 90’s, with such unsatisfactory results that she had decided to abandon Scientology forever.

Happily, we recently re-connected and turned things around, using LRH’s brilliant tech. Here is a recent success story:



“Having been one who stoutly rejected “the tech”, I admit to having previous notions washed away. Through some clean-up auditing, I found where I had received some form of out-tech on various occasions!  That being handled, we went onto the NOTS auditing.  Being that this is my third time on it, all I can say is it’s been not only an eye-opener, but nothing short of miraculous.

There were steps / rundowns which I had never received! (In the Church)   I wonder now if the charge we (my auditor and I) removed wouldn’t light up a city for an hour or two!  🙂

The wins came up in layers, day by day.  Randy, my auditor, would not let me go past major blowouts.  How nice it was to be able to bask until the next session!

Along the way Randy’s high ARC and full understanding of the tech got me through many gnarly moments – all simply handled to FN VGIs.

Recently, after some word clearing and auditing on stuck flows, SOMETHING pretty major got unstuck!

I was telling Randy this morning that I keep getting these little bursts of joy / ARC  – sort of like little fireworks going off inside me, unannounced.

There is a LOT to be said about Standard Tech & I thank Randy profoundly for using it and sharing it with me.”

ARC,  Rima Evans Curry


Gains from Auditing in the Independent Field

Ian is a relatively new Scientologist, having taken a few courses in the C of S, where he was badly treated, came to us in the Independent Field.  He is now doing well on the HQS course, and had great wins from a recent review auditing cycle I did:

Stars behind palms

Yesterday Randy Smith and I completed 3 days of sessions,  handling a number of things including: several ARC breaks since our last sessions, handling my premature exposure to the OT3 material and premature running of it by individuals with malicious intentions which had been physically and emotionally affecting me for well over a year, and running out a chain of engrams related to a series of no less than 4 serious car accidents all within a 7 year period using NED.

I also should add that moving out of a very severe PTS living environment just prior to this also dramatically helped a number of life situations, so frankly there’s been a lot of positive change lately.

After our session yesterday, I noticed right away that the tension in my neck and back that had plagued me since 2007 had minimized drastically, and even my fiancee Olga noticed that the swelling and tension was nearly gone. My back and neck overall feel looser, and I am fairly confident my next chiropractic session will pretty much resolve any outstanding minor discomfort. I realized this at night as I wasn’t constantly cracking my neck and back as I used to do every few minutes or so. I slept really well!

Then today, a day later, while I was running errands around town I noticed that I felt much calmer and felt more at peace about life, overall I felt more cool and collected – which is a very different feeling from being zonked out or tired and unaware of my surroundings as I used to feel. It seems permanent too, as my physical self is now recovering.

Also, little things that used to drive me nuts did not to stress me out to the same level as they used to do, and I definitely feel less overwhelmed and have much less of a sense of being attacked by the outside world. It’s not that I enjoy them happening, nor want them, but rather they don’t cause an irrational reaction from me in the same way that they used to cause.

I am also much more aware of complete strangers’ tone levels which became extremely obvious when I visited a few stores and saw the employees’ and customers’ body language, eyes, manner of speaking, etc. While out, I also found myself more willing to help other people, and even prevented an injurious accident (where in the past I would have avoided it or ignored it then blamed the person who would have caused it). I also noticed that I was both more willing and able to initiate or join conversations with much less reservation than I had before, even with strangers. And the outcomes of these brief talks were noticeable.  Those who initially felt upset about something were apparently feeling better as I noticed they smiled for the first time, uncrossed their arms, and walked a little more relaxed and softened their voice. And all I did was acknowledge them and listen. It was interesting to observe and note that I was willing to and wanted to help these otherwise complete strangers out, even if only by little gestures. I’m not saying this to toot my own horn, but rather because I felt more outgoing and different, and these were physical manifestations that I observed and were not simply made up or assumed by me.

I still have much work to do on myself of course, as I am far from perfect. I know that I have a number of O/Ws in my own relationships that I am still dealing with and can be quite critical of others, however, even my arguments overall are not only less frequent, but I also find myself less triggered and calmer throughout them, and am also willing to see their side as well as own my part in it much faster vs. holding resentment, blame and desiring revenge like I did before. So overall, this was a great 6 hours of session and worth every penny. Thank you Randy and thanks for great application of this wonderful tech!


Stellar gains from Dianetics Repair action

I had started a Dianetics Introductory session with another auditor earlier this year using the Book One method. We had contacted what are probably the two most traumatic events of my childhood during those sessions, but never quite reached an end result where I felt that I had some kind of an insight or a “win” nor really felt more a peace when looking back on either one. This left me feeling not quite sure whether it was done right or not and so I had doubts about the effectiveness of auditing at the time.
Hubble Space Telescope image - Carina Nebula

Hubble Space Telescope image – Carina Nebula

Since then I have switched auditors to Randy Smith and have done a number of other auditing processes with him (see my write ups on Marriage Counseling and Life Repair – I also recently completed the Communication Course which I didn’t write up) which have all been marvelous!

This time Randy and I used the NED (New Era Dianetics) method, which was a lot smoother than Book One, and these same two similar traumas came up. One thing that was quite helpful for me in this process was switching viewpoints and valences and this process actually helped me to gain some empathy and a lot more understanding for those whom I felt had hurt me and for those whom had been present but not intervened. I also noticed that during very our first session I had an insight fairly quickly, and this helped me to blow some of the charge off an issue which had brought me to psychotherapy, 12 Step Groups, Landmark Education & finally the Church of Scientology in the first place. While all of these tools were to some extent beneficial in my life, by far the most relief I have had has come from Independent Auditing and Training under Randy Smith which has no pressure in the form of registering for another course, making a donation, nor to hurry up and complete a share within a predefined (short) amount of time as per group and individual therapies.

At the end of our final session, I had a large insight around the earlier traumatic childhood event which shed some light on an unconscious decision I made when I was afraid and confused at that time. I saw how this decision had led to me feeling fear and anxiety about leaving my room for much of my remaining life, as well as my sense of unease about hearing voices and noises coming through the other side of a locked door, and how this fear over time contributed to my being fairly reclusive and “homebody” or “indoors” type of person. After the end of the session I wanted to get outside and enjoy nature and more of what life has to offer! Even on the weekend, when I usually would want to stay in, I instead wanted to go out and do something which was a marked shift. By no means would I say that this issue or others are completely “cured” or totally gone yet, since it is still very early in my overall auditing, but I definitely felt some relief around the first event and a lot about the other similar one that occurred later.
My girlfriend has even commented that she noticed ever since doing these sessions (and auditing in general) I seem a lot less anxious, less worried, less judgmental and critical, less irritable, and a lot more focused and at peace overall. We are also able to communicate better, and even our arguments are productive in that we get in touch with what really bothers us much faster and without being hurtful about it.
Thank you as always to my auditor Randy, independent Scientology auditing and to L. Ron Hubbard for pioneering and developing this technology which has caused a tremendous boost in my life. Thank you all and I really am grateful to have these resources as it has changed my outlook permanently for the better.
–  Ian

Life Repair Completion

Ian had tried very hard to get service in the Church, but it didn’t work out (for reasons we all know too well -:) – so he came to me in the Indie Field.

He just completed Life Repair, and here is his success story:


” Life Repair is powerful!  My auditor, Randy Smith was great & very thorough with my questions & we handled quite a bit.

” I know now what direction I want to go in my career (research & investigation), I feel fairly confident that my life will not get any worse, I feel more present & in touch with my body, am better at listening without anxiety or dread as  I used to have before.

” My attention with others & in particular my girlfriend is much better – and I have certainty that auditing works.

” I had been to therapists in the past & rarely left feeling good – usually I left sad, angry, frustrated or disappointed – whereas here each session felt awesome!  This is WAY different than Church of Scientology auditing in that I can talk about ANYTHING & EVERYTHING without fear of going to ethics or being pressured to buy more, or donate more, at every entrance or exit.

“The Tech is Here and I am grateful it exists.  I recommend everyone try it for themselves and see the results firsthand.

“Looking forward to the next steps!”

–  Ian