Outstanding Method One Completion

Ian  is a relatively new Scientologist, and has been getting great results both applying and receiving LRH technology.  Here is his latest:

Stars behind palms

Success Story

At long last, I have finally completed my Method One Word Clearing – or M1WC.

I’m not completely unfamiliar with other word clearing methods as I have used different ones to help tutor both children (M3WC) and ESL students (M7WC). They had quite a lot of success with these as they became brighter, calmer and more confident in both writing and reading English over a short time span. Yet, while tutoring, I would notice that I sometimes stumbled in a few subjects that we touched upon. As I wanted to improve myself both as a tutor,  writer and overall communicator, I realized that this was something I would need to handle before continuing too much further.

I also had to really clear up all preconceived notions of the actual intention of this rundown; completing M1WC doesn’t mean that you will never have any misunderstood words ever again in your life. Rather, it goes through a number of subjects from a provided list and then any subjects that you bring up, and then handle each one that reads on the e-meter in order to handle your past (mis)education. Not only do you clear up every studied subject that comes to mind that you don’t understand, but also those you can’t even confront due to charge and bad handling (e.g. verbally abusive, belittling instructors or authority figures) while straightening out confusing, circular, vague and abstract concepts. In doing so, you conceptually grasp words that you have heard and read before, only this time you do not feel weird, tired, confused or stressed out for unknown reasons when encountering them. Every drive on the way home after session made me that much more aware of the words all around me – and how often they are misused on a daily basis!

As an English major and a fairly literate person who has had my work both published and produced on TV, when I finished M1WC I realized that if I had as many misunderstood words as I once did, then I could only imagine how much confusion that others must experience in their daily lives without M1WC!

As a result, I have gained empathy and a new perspective on others who struggle with training and learning processes. It’s not necessarily their fault, but largely due to bad educational tools and systems taught by instructors who themselves were poorly educated. I can easily see why literacy rates in the United States are steadily dropping, why people dislike going to school, and why many people generally don’t know what they hell they are talking about most of the time on nearly any given subject – mainly because they don’t look for themselves and instead copy someone else who acts as an authority figure, who themselves often doesn’t know what the hell they are talking about, or worse, has intentionally misled others. No wonder people get so easily led astray and offended over the smallest things!

I really do wish that more students could go through this experience, as we would have a better educated populace and reverse the downward trend – as well as have an increased interest for learning in general.

Since completing M1WC this week, I have had a wide range of successes. For example, now when I study Spanish – a subject I once struggled through and avoided for many reasons – it now seems completely approachable and fun, and I make it through all of the lessons error-free, including all of those accent marks that I once ignored.

I also had a pretty massive win, which happened near the start of my M1WC – I developed and submitted a patent for my company! After 4 months of work with legal, and right after the end of my rundown, we officially submitted it to the patent office this week! I was able to drastically improve the drafting process by working with the legal team to simplify and smooth out all wording, keep the examples consistent throughout, and generally make it an easy, clear read for the patent office so that my idea goes through without hindrance. Apparently, I just set a record in my company as nobody in my position – let alone someone who has been there for under a year – has ever submitted a patent through the company! People are definitely sitting up and taking notice. I really do think that I dramatically boosted my IQ over the course of this rundown.

Lastly, I have a nonfiction academic article that I have meticulously revised and submitted for peer review, which now is being read by a few famous professors and academic journals for consideration including publication or conference presentation.

On top of that, my relationships have definitely improved as I don’t get as upset or stressed as I used to over miscommunications, even when dealing with difficult, irrational or outright hostile people. My writing and speech has become calmer and more measured when handling such issues, and I can handle conversations a lot better. A big takeaway for me has been the general sense of calm that I have compared to before in writing, reading, speaking and listening. I’m by no means perfect, but I notice immediately that if I don’t know what a word means, not only am I more aware of the immediate physiological manifestations, but I will pause, look it up, clear it up for myself and then move along. I’m looking forward to doing M2WC in the near future as M1WC one handled past misunderstood words, and M2WC will handle present time ones as I read out loud. (But even if I never continue auditing from this point forward I know that I am in a much more stable place than I was when I started).

Many thanks to you, Randy for your patience as we handled all kinds of issues that came up – some directly related to this rundown, and some which were completely unforeseen. I know that this took much, much longer than anticipated due to extensive (and expensive) schooling which piled on the misunderstood words since childhood, but I really feel that it was all well worth it. And thank you to both my girlfriend Olga and also to Randy’s wife Kay who supported and encouraged me this entire time. And thanks of course to LRH and his staff for developing this simple, yet incredibly powerful technology.

I look forward to finally catching up on reading all of those books that I have been putting off for a while, and possibly even writing a few of my own – now I will know what the hell I am talking about!





Success on Repair Program

This person had had a rough time in past auditing.  We cleaned that up, and I am very proud of her wins:

Session Set Up

“I have had a number of gains from this auditing:

 I feel more resilient when emotional situations come up.

 I recently noticed that when I communicate with others, I can do so with much less effort expended.

I have felt like this now for over three days.

I feel more daring.

I feel myself emotionally and spiritually stronger than before.

And though I know there are still things I need to handle,

I feel very good about this auditing I have been receiving, and I look forward very much to moving on up the Bridge.

Thank you, LRH, for this technology!”

– Signed, “New Start”

From The First and Last Freedom

I carried J. Krishnamurti’s The First and Last Freedom around in my backpack, as my only book, on a two-month hitchhiking odyssey around the western U.S. in 1968. Here is a quote I feel is relevant:

“The moment you are aware of confusion, of exactly what is, you try to escape from it. Those sects which offer you a system for the solution of suffering, economic, social or religious, are the worst; because then system becomes important and not man — whether it be a religious system, or a system of the left or of the right. System becomes important, the philosophy, the idea, becomes important, and not man; and for the sake of the idea, of the ideology, you are willing to sacrifice all mankind, which is exactly what is happening in the world. This is not merely my interpretation; if you observe, you will find that is exactly what is happening. The system has become important. Therefore, as the system has become important, men, you and I, lose significance; and the controllers of the system, whether religious or social, whether of the left or of the right, assume authority, assume power, and therefore sacrifice you, the individual. That is exactly what is happening… – pp. 23 paperback edition, The First and Last Freedom by J. Krishnamurti

Portrait - Drawing - Woman studying alphabet with laughing girl

This and other writings of his, bear re-reading – often. I find that when I read him, I come away from it feeling cleansed, challenged and enlightened – without any “goo” sticking to me from it. Ahhh – refreshed.

My take on the Master (film)

I think, after viewing it a second time, now on DVD, that its a brilliant work of art by Paul Thomas Anderson- the writing, the acting, the sets, the cinematography. The mostly successful portrayal of LRH’s beingness by Philip Seymour Hoffman.
It didn’t have broad box-office appeal, because you pretty much have to have been in AND out of Scn to appreciate all the references and scenes – for example, Joaquin Phoenix’s (altered) Op Pro by Dup session, or knowing that the Master is “auditing” Freddie using OCA questions.

Paul Thomas Anderson actually did years of homework in making this movie, according to interviews I have read. His own parents were good friends with people who actually moved from Philly to Phoenix to study with LRH in 1954. And he studied a lot of the early newsletters of Scientologists from those years. 

But as I watched it again, I got that the filmmaker also is portraying the whole history of the C of S and how it went off the rails, even though its supposedly all in the fifties – look at the Mary Sue character – by the end she is the perfect “cold, chrome steel” CMO type – demanding a billion yr contract – and total no-sympathy – that ain’t just Mary Sue being portrayed there!

I think the Joaquin Phoenix character is a brilliant composite, as well – representing David Miscavige and his whole ilk – look at the elements – basically a thug who throws violent tantrums, can’t leave the Hootch alone, beats people up to “defend” LRH – which grossly discredits everything LRH stands for – then, in one of the last sex scenes, is using what little tech he has learned for sexual advantage – just as any real SP might do.

LRH is portrayed as an extraordinary man, and a lot of his truths shine through, as does his astounding compassion, as well as his flaws. Seeing him portrayed like this has helped me in my own decompression process from the cult, but does not diminish in the slightest my appreciation for the tech he codified.

A glib comment is that this is the movie version of the Lawrence Wright book – but the movie is a lot more fun, for those who have been there.