Ian is a relatively new Scientologist, having done most of his auditing and training outside of the Church, here in the Independent Field.  I am  very proud of his progress – Randy

*Interiorization Rundown – “.. a remedy designed to permit the PC to be further audited after he has gone exterior.  The Int Rundown is not meant to be sold or passed off as a method of exteriorizing a PC.”   – Tech Dictionary

Stars behind palms

The Interiorization Rundown was, by far, the most intensive rundown that I have yet had in auditing!

As I get auditing, I am seeing how I had been withdrawing from life after numerous failures based on trying to be and impress other people, and so didn’t know who I was or what to do with my life. Now it’s all basically a combination of erasing the old & false as well as creating the new and true me.

I really appreciated running this process, because now a number of my tasks and goals finally feel like they are moving forward, being completed and being let go if off my purpose, which makes me feel more present, productive and accomplished. I also feel more able to go into physical situations where, even if somewhat out of my comfort zone, I am no longer completely avoiding them. While I realize that I still have to do the work to make my life goals happen, at least I don’t feel quite so “fixed” anymore and now it feels like there are far fewer barriers – most all of which I had put in place myself! Having done much work on my inside world, now I feel more ready to take care of what needs to be done on the outside one.

Thank you to my fiancee Olga for supporting me and her undying love, thank you to both Randy and Kay Smith for their help and encouragement with this process, and a big thank you for this technology formed by both L. Ron Hubbard and the uncredited members of his Scientology staff for creating and researching this process and helping me out … literally!

–  Ian


Success on OT V

Rima is an old friend, who had tried valiantly to get her OT V done in the Church  – twice – back in the 90’s, with such unsatisfactory results that she had decided to abandon Scientology forever.

Happily, we recently re-connected and turned things around, using LRH’s brilliant tech. Here is a recent success story:



“Having been one who stoutly rejected “the tech”, I admit to having previous notions washed away. Through some clean-up auditing, I found where I had received some form of out-tech on various occasions!  That being handled, we went onto the NOTS auditing.  Being that this is my third time on it, all I can say is it’s been not only an eye-opener, but nothing short of miraculous.

There were steps / rundowns which I had never received! (In the Church)   I wonder now if the charge we (my auditor and I) removed wouldn’t light up a city for an hour or two!  🙂

The wins came up in layers, day by day.  Randy, my auditor, would not let me go past major blowouts.  How nice it was to be able to bask until the next session!

Along the way Randy’s high ARC and full understanding of the tech got me through many gnarly moments – all simply handled to FN VGIs.

Recently, after some word clearing and auditing on stuck flows, SOMETHING pretty major got unstuck!

I was telling Randy this morning that I keep getting these little bursts of joy / ARC  – sort of like little fireworks going off inside me, unannounced.

There is a LOT to be said about Standard Tech & I thank Randy profoundly for using it and sharing it with me.”

ARC,  Rima Evans Curry