Life Repair Completion

Ian had tried very hard to get service in the Church, but it didn’t work out (for reasons we all know too well -:) – so he came to me in the Indie Field.

He just completed Life Repair, and here is his success story:


” Life Repair is powerful!  My auditor, Randy Smith was great & very thorough with my questions & we handled quite a bit.

” I know now what direction I want to go in my career (research & investigation), I feel fairly confident that my life will not get any worse, I feel more present & in touch with my body, am better at listening without anxiety or dread as  I used to have before.

” My attention with others & in particular my girlfriend is much better – and I have certainty that auditing works.

” I had been to therapists in the past & rarely left feeling good – usually I left sad, angry, frustrated or disappointed – whereas here each session felt awesome!  This is WAY different than Church of Scientology auditing in that I can talk about ANYTHING & EVERYTHING without fear of going to ethics or being pressured to buy more, or donate more, at every entrance or exit.

“The Tech is Here and I am grateful it exists.  I recommend everyone try it for themselves and see the results firsthand.

“Looking forward to the next steps!”

–  Ian


Another Person Introduced to Auditing

Experiencing this auditing session was very breathtaking!


I know today that things will not be the same for me because what I have felt and seen was very powerful, and that it did purify!

Randy did a very awesome job and I appreciate everything he has done! I see the beauty within auditing and how it can affect the world in a positive direction!

I feel much clearer about things and what my sort of goals are!

I want to thank you again and keep doing what you do best!

– Ricardo

After His First Auditing Session


The session today was unbelievable. It was the most powerful emotional experience I’ve ever had in my entire life.

I’m really looking forward to doing more work with you, eventually going clear, and becoming an auditor.  

Hubble Space Telescope image - Carina Nebula


Thank you so much for today. Today’s session has changed my life. It’s certain now that I’m going to follow the path I encountered today.

You’re offering an incredible service Randy. Hubbard would be so proud of you and all the people in the Freezone. 

Thank you.


-Ryan B. 

Success on Repair Program

This person had had a rough time in past auditing.  We cleaned that up, and I am very proud of her wins:

Session Set Up

“I have had a number of gains from this auditing:

 I feel more resilient when emotional situations come up.

 I recently noticed that when I communicate with others, I can do so with much less effort expended.

I have felt like this now for over three days.

I feel more daring.

I feel myself emotionally and spiritually stronger than before.

And though I know there are still things I need to handle,

I feel very good about this auditing I have been receiving, and I look forward very much to moving on up the Bridge.

Thank you, LRH, for this technology!”

– Signed, “New Start”

Spiritual Exercises

As I solo audit on L. Ron Hubbard’s Ned for OTs, I thought I would describe it a bit, without revealing anything confidential:

I am cleansing myself of things that had, unknowingly, been attached to me, for a very long time.

The result?  My plants – just outside my window,  are growing better.

 I am getting younger, from the inside out.  I am happier.  I have an increasing compassion for all life.

I am so grateful for this technology.

— Randy Smith

From The First and Last Freedom

I carried J. Krishnamurti’s The First and Last Freedom around in my backpack, as my only book, on a two-month hitchhiking odyssey around the western U.S. in 1968. Here is a quote I feel is relevant:

“The moment you are aware of confusion, of exactly what is, you try to escape from it. Those sects which offer you a system for the solution of suffering, economic, social or religious, are the worst; because then system becomes important and not man — whether it be a religious system, or a system of the left or of the right. System becomes important, the philosophy, the idea, becomes important, and not man; and for the sake of the idea, of the ideology, you are willing to sacrifice all mankind, which is exactly what is happening in the world. This is not merely my interpretation; if you observe, you will find that is exactly what is happening. The system has become important. Therefore, as the system has become important, men, you and I, lose significance; and the controllers of the system, whether religious or social, whether of the left or of the right, assume authority, assume power, and therefore sacrifice you, the individual. That is exactly what is happening… – pp. 23 paperback edition, The First and Last Freedom by J. Krishnamurti

Portrait - Drawing - Woman studying alphabet with laughing girl

This and other writings of his, bear re-reading – often. I find that when I read him, I come away from it feeling cleansed, challenged and enlightened – without any “goo” sticking to me from it. Ahhh – refreshed.

The Great Journey

I have often thought of the fact, these  issues have  been there for millions of years in all of their twisted manifestations. Thank you for validating my knowingness with yours by remarking on that very fact, which points up the enormity of what the tech handles.
Your grasp of the tech and your ability to analyze and compute with it is masterful. I get such relief, excitedly going to read your CSs every morning, backed up by getting to read the great references that send me into session with new enthusiasm. Especially if I’d had the blahs from some out point of mine in the previous session.  Great journey we are on here.
— S   (Voyager on OT II)

Hubble Space Telescope image - Carina Nebula

Hubble Space Telescope image – Carina Nebula