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Jim was referred to me by another Indie auditor.  After establishing that he didn’t need another Purif (as he had been told by a local org), I delivered his Objectives Processing.  During that time, we have also become good friends.  Here is one of his success stories, which he has given permission to publish:

I have just completed the Objectives and I have many wins.  I now have so much more space around me and feel so much lighter and freer.  I am also much more in Present Time.

Randy did a great job as auditor.  Shortly after beginning the Objectives, he discovered there was a past exteriorization and past auditing errors that needed to be handled.  He had me do the Int Rundown and a correction list that handled problems I have had for 15 years.  After doing this, I moved through the Objectives quickly and got many more stable wins.

I now feel I am in great shape to move up the Bridge to Clear.

-Jim T.


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“The Banana Peel No Longer Exists for Me” -some remarkable wins from auditing.

Dan has been so full of wins lately in his auditing that I asked him if he would like to write up some.  Boy, Howdy!   Did he ever!


“Hello, my name is Dan Herbert.  Over the past 6 years I have had some remarkable auditing and I in particular would like to pay tribute to 3 of these occasions.

“First of all Russ Orrell did a grief rundown for me after my wife, Maggie Gilday, passed away.    During this assist which gave me lots of relief,  I attested to Clear and I thank Russ for spotting it – Thank You Russ for all your help!

“Not long after that assist, I encountered a wonderful thetan and auditor, Billy Nichols, and embarked on the OT adventure.  During this auditing I blew TONS  of significance, charge and mass.  There were times when Time ceased to exist and the only thing that existed was myself and viewpoint of the universe.  I felt without the sensation, the existence of my self as a static.

“Some of the attributes of that auditing include unbridled empathy, resiliency and determination.  I have never before felt so theta, centered, and aware that my existence was related and determined by me and for me, always knowing the “the banana peel” (that one might slip on and crash)  no longer existed for me.

“Well, after the above auditing I lived life for a while, quite happily.  But I sensed that there was still more adventure ahead, in going free across the other areas of life as well.  So, I postulated for something like that, and lo and behold my friend Martin connected me to Randy Smith, with whom I am currently getting OT auditing.

“I must tell you that I have never met a more complete and well-adjusted auditor, who himself lives life and dynamics that are important to him.  He is refreshing, sound, empathetic and fun.  His handling as a friend and auditor has been superb.

“After analyzing my case, Randy directed me onto my next step – Audited NOTS (Aka OT V).

“This has been a level that I had been interested in for some time.  OT V is many things and has to do with other influences and the clarity to address the difference between how you influence yourself, and when others have influenced you.

“I have gained tremendous ability to sort out the misconceptions in these areas – which can be VERY far-reaching.  This, in essence, is freeing me to “guide my own ship” – to decide solely on my own, without outside influences, known or unknown, and to better my existence as a free-thinking and free-spirited Thetan!”

Dan Herbert


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