Success on OT V

Rima is an old friend, who had tried valiantly to get her OT V done in the Church  – twice – back in the 90’s, with such unsatisfactory results that she had decided to abandon Scientology forever.

Happily, we recently re-connected and turned things around, using LRH’s brilliant tech. Here is a recent success story:



“Having been one who stoutly rejected “the tech”, I admit to having previous notions washed away. Through some clean-up auditing, I found where I had received some form of out-tech on various occasions!  That being handled, we went onto the NOTS auditing.  Being that this is my third time on it, all I can say is it’s been not only an eye-opener, but nothing short of miraculous.

There were steps / rundowns which I had never received! (In the Church)   I wonder now if the charge we (my auditor and I) removed wouldn’t light up a city for an hour or two!  🙂

The wins came up in layers, day by day.  Randy, my auditor, would not let me go past major blowouts.  How nice it was to be able to bask until the next session!

Along the way Randy’s high ARC and full understanding of the tech got me through many gnarly moments – all simply handled to FN VGIs.

Recently, after some word clearing and auditing on stuck flows, SOMETHING pretty major got unstuck!

I was telling Randy this morning that I keep getting these little bursts of joy / ARC  – sort of like little fireworks going off inside me, unannounced.

There is a LOT to be said about Standard Tech & I thank Randy profoundly for using it and sharing it with me.”

ARC,  Rima Evans Curry



4 thoughts on “Success on OT V

  1. Rima’s win is a testament to how applying the tech of Scientology with the intent to help the person in front of you, works as advertised. From what I’ve observed, most of those who’ve left the church, are in need of just this sort of help. There are a lot of ‘walking wounded’ out here, so it’s encouraging to know that there are on-source auditors available to help them recover.

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