Gains from Auditing in the Independent Field

Ian is a relatively new Scientologist, having taken a few courses in the C of S, where he was badly treated, came to us in the Independent Field.  He is now doing well on the HQS course, and had great wins from a recent review auditing cycle I did:

Stars behind palms

Yesterday Randy Smith and I completed 3 days of sessions,  handling a number of things including: several ARC breaks since our last sessions, handling my premature exposure to the OT3 material and premature running of it by individuals with malicious intentions which had been physically and emotionally affecting me for well over a year, and running out a chain of engrams related to a series of no less than 4 serious car accidents all within a 7 year period using NED.

I also should add that moving out of a very severe PTS living environment just prior to this also dramatically helped a number of life situations, so frankly there’s been a lot of positive change lately.

After our session yesterday, I noticed right away that the tension in my neck and back that had plagued me since 2007 had minimized drastically, and even my fiancee Olga noticed that the swelling and tension was nearly gone. My back and neck overall feel looser, and I am fairly confident my next chiropractic session will pretty much resolve any outstanding minor discomfort. I realized this at night as I wasn’t constantly cracking my neck and back as I used to do every few minutes or so. I slept really well!

Then today, a day later, while I was running errands around town I noticed that I felt much calmer and felt more at peace about life, overall I felt more cool and collected – which is a very different feeling from being zonked out or tired and unaware of my surroundings as I used to feel. It seems permanent too, as my physical self is now recovering.

Also, little things that used to drive me nuts did not to stress me out to the same level as they used to do, and I definitely feel less overwhelmed and have much less of a sense of being attacked by the outside world. It’s not that I enjoy them happening, nor want them, but rather they don’t cause an irrational reaction from me in the same way that they used to cause.

I am also much more aware of complete strangers’ tone levels which became extremely obvious when I visited a few stores and saw the employees’ and customers’ body language, eyes, manner of speaking, etc. While out, I also found myself more willing to help other people, and even prevented an injurious accident (where in the past I would have avoided it or ignored it then blamed the person who would have caused it). I also noticed that I was both more willing and able to initiate or join conversations with much less reservation than I had before, even with strangers. And the outcomes of these brief talks were noticeable.  Those who initially felt upset about something were apparently feeling better as I noticed they smiled for the first time, uncrossed their arms, and walked a little more relaxed and softened their voice. And all I did was acknowledge them and listen. It was interesting to observe and note that I was willing to and wanted to help these otherwise complete strangers out, even if only by little gestures. I’m not saying this to toot my own horn, but rather because I felt more outgoing and different, and these were physical manifestations that I observed and were not simply made up or assumed by me.

I still have much work to do on myself of course, as I am far from perfect. I know that I have a number of O/Ws in my own relationships that I am still dealing with and can be quite critical of others, however, even my arguments overall are not only less frequent, but I also find myself less triggered and calmer throughout them, and am also willing to see their side as well as own my part in it much faster vs. holding resentment, blame and desiring revenge like I did before. So overall, this was a great 6 hours of session and worth every penny. Thank you Randy and thanks for great application of this wonderful tech!



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