Poster Child for the OT Levels!

Here is a success story from someone I am helping to do OT Section II:



First, there are the practical wins, aligning all the auditing data and drills with the practical application.  You fall on your face, doubt yourself, keep trying and then you begin to soar, as sessions become real “model” sessions, and you are responsible for your own case, as a solo auditor.

Quite a leap in responsibility, and it resonates into your life and other dynamics.

As far as wins from my auditing on this Level, I feel like the “poster child” for the OT Levels.  I regained an ability I never had this time around.  I began to write a musical.

I had always been involved in the arts, so of course that is where my attention is, anyway.  I taught myself to read music and play piano on the L Rundowns, and now somehow this beautiful door opened on OT II, where beauty and fun are flowing with music and words.

Thank You, Ron!

– Anon for now




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