New Review from one of my Clients (Preclears)

Reviewed by Jim    November 21, 2012

Very Professional and Capable Auditor

Randy audited me on the TRs and Objectives, the Int Rundown, the Drug Rundown and Grade II. He is a very professional and capable auditor. I had had a number of good auditors while in the Church but Randy’s auditing was on a much higher level than all of them. For example, I never felt in even the slightest way invalidated by him regardless of what came up in session. Instead, I always felt that he was rooting for me to confront and as-is my bank. Also, he handled the meter with a smoothness and confidence that can only come with many years of experience and dedication.

Randy is also high toned and friendly and was more than generous with his time in answering my many questions about Scientology. He also let me borrow a number of his Red Volumes and noted the HCOBs that I may want to read to better understand the areas I was uncertain of. Finally, he was willing to audit me at my apartment.

Overall rating 5.0
TRs 5.0
Metering 5.0
Auditor beingness 5.0
Standardness 5.0
Knowledge of Scientology 5.0

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