Reviving the Unconscious Person

Here is something I just posted today on the great new website,

In 1971, while I was in training as an auditor at Celebrity Centre Los Angeles, I arrived at my apartment to find a young man lying on the sidewalk, motionless. I went over to him and spoke to him, and touched his hand lightly, with no response whatsoever. There was no obvious sign of injury. I had been studying the CCH’s and decided to use CCH 1 on him as an assist. It has one command, “Give me that hand. Thank you.”
I started giving the command to the apparently unconscious guy, pausing briefly after to see if he would respond, but there was no response. I picked up his hand with one of my hands, after each command, said “Thank You”. And put his hand back. Still no response whatsoever. No eye flutters, no sighing, no response at at.
After about 10 repetitions, taking his hand each time and putting it back, I started to get some very slight resistance, but very weak. Kind of apathetic. then a few commands later, I noticed a sly withdrawal of the hand from mine. Still no change in facial expressions, etc.
I kept on going, as I was taught, as change was occurring, and I was now getting a response from this person who had been utterly as if dead before. After a few more commands, me still taking his hand each time, and putting it back, a sort of angry response ensued.
I was observing this person moving up the Tone Scale, so far from body death, through apathy, covert hostility, and into anger, just as LRH had discovered and described. So I continued.
A short time later, the guy, still with his eyes closed, started gripping my hand antagonistically when I took it, and we were in a brief struggle. I said to myself, “Good, we have reached antagonism!” and I thanked him and put his hand back, and continued the process.
A short time later, the guy was giving me his hand himself, and taking it back, and all of a sudden, he opens his eyes, sits up, looks around a bit, then stands up and says “I’m thirsty – can I have a drink of water?” in a perfectly normal voice.
I told him “End of Assist” and we walked into my apartment, got him a drink of water. Two minutes later, he notices I have a guitar standing against the wall. He asks if he can play it, and he starts playing the guitar and singing a song. Totally normal, and cheerful.
I told him where this had come from – Scientology, and where to find out more if he was interested, and he thanked me and left. It was if the whole experience of him lying unconscious on my sidewalk had been totally erased! I was astounded.
I have been using LRH’s tech for over 40 years since then and seen many miracles – this was one of the first I experienced myself, first hand. – Randy Smith, Cl VI Auditor

The link to this review on Steve’s site is “Reviving the Unconscious Person”


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