Latest News

My morale is hitting new highs!  Production is the basis of morale, per L. Ron Hubbard, which I agree with totally.

I am currently auditing an Indie PC on Grade II Expanded, several hours per day. Studying the Solo NOTS materials (OT VI) several times a week with a twin via Skype video calls.  I am also studying the FPRD course materials, so I can deliver that soon.

After a very productive meeting yesterday with Roy Selby, at his Global Training Center, (and having a nice reunion with Scottie Irwin, his Course Supervisor- turns out we were on the SHSBC at the same time) – I will be doing the Advanced Course Specialist training at his center in a month or two, which will enable me to deliver Ned for OTs (NOTS) for Indies wanting their OT V, or reviews on OT VII.  I will keep you posted on this.





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