Success on Int Rundown

Shortly after completing the Int Rundown *, a number of positive things happened in my life.  My condo had been on the market for 5 months and we had not had one legitimate offer.  My realtor told me that it was “going to take a while” and to think in terms of it “taking about a year or so for a sale to go through.”

Two days after completing the Int Rundown, we got an offer on the condo from a buyer who had a pre-approved loan from the bank. The sale should go through within 30 days.

Also, I had emailed a friend of mine over 2 mos ago but had never heard back.  A few days after I did the Int Rundown I got a long email from him, telling me how he had been doing.

The Rundown brought me into alignment – my various “parts” were now working together harmoniously.  Before the Rundown, it was as if I was way out of alignment, but unaware of it because it was my typical state.

I feel much healthier and more relaxed.

I feel like I occupy more space and my thinking is clearer.  Before the Rundown, my head felt clogged up and I had trouble thinking.

– Jim T.

* Int Rundown – “The Int Rundown is a REMEDY which stabilizes a pc after exteriorizing and permits him to be further audited.”  L. Ron Hubbard, HCO Bulletin of 17 December 1971 RB


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