Success on Objectives

Jim was referred to me by another Indie auditor.  After establishing that he didn’t need another Purif (as he had been told by a local org), I delivered his Objectives Processing.  During that time, we have also become good friends.  Here is one of his success stories, which he has given permission to publish:

I have just completed the Objectives and I have many wins.  I now have so much more space around me and feel so much lighter and freer.  I am also much more in Present Time.

Randy did a great job as auditor.  Shortly after beginning the Objectives, he discovered there was a past exteriorization and past auditing errors that needed to be handled.  He had me do the Int Rundown and a correction list that handled problems I have had for 15 years.  After doing this, I moved through the Objectives quickly and got many more stable wins.

I now feel I am in great shape to move up the Bridge to Clear.

-Jim T.


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